Benefits of Metal Roof Coating

Metal Roof Coating1A metal roof is the Superman of commercial roofing options. Strong, durable, and long-lasting, investing in a metal roof is a wise choice.

However, this doesn’t mean your roof is indestructible. Time, moisture, and weather can all damage your metal roof. For a cost-effective way to protect your investment, consider a metal roof coating.

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Metal Roof Risks

As tough as your metal roof is, it is still susceptible to specific risks that must be addressed to ensure a maximum return on your investment.

Rust: Moisture, whether in the form of rain, snow, or even dew, will cause oxidation of the metal. This oxidation leads to the development of rust. Unchecked, rust will begin to impact the integrity of the metal and lead to the development of leaks.

Impact damage: Hail or wind-blown debris can cause dents or even holes in your metal roof. Any such damage clearly impacts the integrity of the system and can lead to further issues.

Seams: Metal roofing is frequently made from panels that are put together with connectors, leaving a seam. Improperly maintained seams are the #1 cause of leak development.

Benefits of a Metal Roof CoatingMetal Roof Coating2

Adding a protective coating to your metal roof addresses the risks above, while also providing additional benefits to your commercial building.

A coating, in the form of a liquid, is either sprayed or rolled directly on the prepared surface of your metal roof. By using a direct application, the need for an expensive tear-off and replacement is avoided.

The coating is applied to all portions of the metal roof surface, including over flashings and partially up the sides of any protrusions.

As the coating dries, it forms a single layer of incredible waterproof protection. There are no seams to allow for moisture incursion, eliminating the risk of both rust development and leaks.

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An additional benefit is the reflective nature of roof coatings. Depending on the composition and color selected, a roof coating can reflect up to 85% of solar heat away from the roof of your commercial building. This directly results in cooling cost reductions of up to 50%, depending on location.

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