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Commercial Roof Inspection – Wooster, OH

September 20th, 2023

As a commercial or industrial building owner, you need to schedule regular inspections to keep your roof in optimal condition. This will help you and your contractor detect and repair any problems that may develop. If you own a building in Wooster, OH, the team at First Class Roofing is here to provide top-notch commercial roof inspection services. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, our professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to provide a wide range of services. We would be honored to serve you! Contact us now at 888-699-9321 for more details. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Detailed Inspection Services

In order for your roof inspection to be successful, your contractor must be detailed and thorough. Therefore, when you contact our team, we will perform a thorough inspection. We will examine every single part of your roof to detect any issues that may be present. After completing our inspection, we will gather our findings and recommended suggestions to provide a free estimate for you to review. Our crew will work closely with you to decide on the best solution for your situation, taking into account your budget and needs. The right course of action could be some quick repairs, a coating, or even a complete replacement. No matter what it is, you can rely on our skilled team to complete the project flawlessly!

Effective Services

Once we have completed your inspection, you can be sure that our team will complete the necessary services with skill and tenacity. In addition to our world-class workmanship, we use premium roofing materials sourced from the most dependable and reputable manufacturing brands in the industry. As a result, the work that we conduct on your roof will last for years to come! We invite you to see for yourself why so many in the area continue to choose us.

Call Us Now

Are you looking for an expert team to perform an inspection on your roof? If so, you have come to the right place. The crew at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, has been serving property owners in the area for many years. We have the skills and knowledge you are looking for. To request more information, or to schedule your inspection, contact us today at 888-699-9321! We would be thrilled to partner with you.

Conklin Roofing – Wooster, OH

September 19th, 2023

As a building owner, you clearly want your roof to remain in optimal condition, ensuring that both you and those inside your structure are protected at all times. In order for this to happen, you need to schedule regular maintenance services using Conklin roofing products. Conklin is a renowned manufacturer in the industry that has produced high-quality products for many years. Using these products ensures that your roof is durable and long-lasting. Therefore, if you’re an industrial or commercial building owner in Wooster, OH, you can count on the team at First Class Roofing. Our reputable crew has been working in the industry for many years, and it would be a privilege for us to serve you as well! Reach out to us today at 888-699-9321 for more details.

Wide Range of Services

There are a variety of services that your roof might need, such as a coating, repairs, or even a complete replacement. No matter what service we are providing, you can count on our skilled technicians to complete the job flawlessly and efficiently, using Conklin roofing products.

Regardless of when you call us, we will quickly schedule a time to visit your property. When we arrive, we will begin performing a detailed inspection. We will analyze the results of our inspection and then provide you with a no-cost estimate. This estimate includes our findings and our recommended solutions. No matter what the best course of action is, you can count on us using top-quality materials that will stand the test of time.

World-Class Workmanship

In order for your roofing project to be successful, your contractor must display top-class craftsmanship throughout the job. From the very beginning to the end of your project, our crew will keep you informed, address all your questions, and ensure that the results meet your expectations. After all, we want you to be delighted! Thanks to our world-class workmanship, building owners across the state continue to rely on us for their roofing needs.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for a team of experts who uses Conklin roofing products in Wooster, OH, the crew at First Class Roofing is your best option. Our qualified roofers have been solving a wide variety of issues for many years, so we know exactly how to provide the answers you need! Reach out to us today at 888-699-9321 for more details.

Learn About Our Low Slope Roofing Services

September 15th, 2023

When it comes to protecting your property against severe weather, a low slope roof offers a practical and efficient solution. Here at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, we’re your dedicated partners in delivering top-notch low slope roofing services that provide lasting protection and value. If you’re ready to get started, reach out to us at 888-699-9321!

Understanding Low Slope Roofing

Low slope roofing, also known as flat roofing, is a highly effective choice for properties with minimal roof pitch. Whether it’s a commercial building, an industrial facility, or a residential property, low slope roofing offers a range of benefits:

  • Weather Resilience: Low slope roofing systems are designed to efficiently shed water, snow, and debris, preventing the accumulation of moisture and potential leaks.
  • Space Utilization: The flat surface of low slope roofing can be used for various purposes, such as rooftop gardens, solar panels, or HVAC equipment.
  • Energy Efficiency: With the option to add reflective coatings, low slope roofing can enhance your building’s energy efficiency by reducing heat absorption and lowering cooling costs.
  • Ease of Maintenance: The accessibility of low slope roofing makes routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and repairs convenient and straightforward.

What Sets Us Apart

We stand out from our competition, thanks to our commitment to excellence and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. In addition, you’ll enjoy the following when working with us:

  • Unrivaled Expertise: Our seasoned team specializes in low slope roofing systems, guaranteeing that you’ll receive tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Premier Materials: We believe that quality materials are the cornerstone of a long-lasting roof. That’s why we source our materials from trusted manufacturers to ensure your low slope roof stands the test of time.
  • Skilled Craftsmanship: Our technicians are not just roofers; they’re artisans of their trade. Constant training keeps them at the forefront of roofing techniques and technologies, guaranteeing flawless services.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Transparency, communication, and collaboration are the pillars of our process. When working with us, you’re informed at every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free roofing experience.

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If you are looking for ways to protect your building, the team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is your trusted partner. Our dedication to excellence, combined with high-quality materials and customer satisfaction, guarantees solutions that are functional and long-lasting! To learn more, or to get started, contact our crew today at 888-699-9321.

Top-Notch Commercial Roofing Services

September 12th, 2023

When it comes to protecting your commercial building against the elements, it is essential to partner with a reliable roofing contractor. Here at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, we understand the intricacies of commercial roofing services, and we’re here to deliver unparalleled solutions tailored to your unique needs. Are you ready to enhance your property’s protection and value? Reach out to us at 888-699-9321 to discover how we can serve you!

Discover the Power of Our Services

Your roof is crucial, as it protects both you and your building. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to address the unique needs of building owners in our region:

  • Installation: Our seasoned experts are very familiar with roof installation services. Whether it’s a flat roof, metal roofing, or any other specialized system, we’re equipped to provide top-notch solutions that stand the test of time.
  • Repairs: Time and weather can take a toll on even the most resilient roofs. Our repair services are prompt and precise, ensuring that your operations can continue as normal while we restore your roof to optimal condition.
  • Maintenance: Routine maintenance is the best way to protect your roof. Our team performs thorough inspections, repairs minor issues before they escalate, and ensures that your roof performs impeccably year after year.
  • Replacement: When the time comes for a complete roof replacement, our team can complete it efficiently and smoothly. We ensure minimal disruptions to your operations while delivering a brand-new and durable roofing system.

What Sets Us Apart

Our team stands out from other companies in the industry:

  • Expertise: Our skilled professionals specialize in commercial roofing, ensuring that your property receives tailored solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Top-Notch Materials: We source materials from trusted manufacturers to ensure that your roof stands strong for years to come.
  • Craftsmanship: Our technicians are not just roofers; they’re artisans of their trade. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship shines through in every project we undertake.
  • Customer-Centric Philosophy: Transparency, communication, and collaboration are the hallmarks of our strategy. We keep you informed at every stage, ensuring a seamless and stress-free roofing experience.

Call Us Now

The team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is your trusted roofing partner. We go above and beyond to ensure your building is protected. Our stellar reputation is a testament to our dedication to excellence, quality materials, and customer satisfaction. Contact us now at 888-699-9321 to embark on your roofing journey!

Foam Roofing Benefits – Wooster, OH

September 7th, 2023
Foam Roofing Benefits1

Foam roofing has become a popular option across the nation. The reason for this growth in popularity is thanks to the many benefits this roofing type offers. If you have foam roofing on your building, you should partner with an experienced company to provide the services you need. The team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is proud to be one of the top roofing companies in the region. When you choose us, you will enjoy the best roofing services possible, thanks to our experienced crew. To learn more about our foam roofing services, call us today at 888-699-9321!


It’s important to understand what foam roofing is and how it works. Foam roofing is made of polyurethane foam. This material is what sets this roofing system apart from other commercial roofing systems on the market. Polyurethane foam is known to be incredibly dense, making it extremely effective at insulating your roof. Some foam roofs also have an elastomeric coating, which is a robust and durable waterproof membrane layer. These two materials make foam roofing an excellent choice for property owners.

Foam Roofing Benefits

Foam roofing can also lead to a reduction in energy consumption, which could translate into lower utility costs for you. This roofing type reflects sunlight away from your building, protecting your roof and leading to a more comfortable interior environment. In addition, its waterproofing capabilities help prevent leaks from affecting your building. Finally, the drainage system of foam roofs is robust and long-lasting.

Clearly, foam roofing is an option that provides a wide variety of benefits to property owners. To learn more, just contact our crew! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Why Choose Us

We are an award-winning commercial roofing contractor that has been operating in the state for many years. Our roofers are trained to handle a range of roofing projects, including foam roofing services. We are also part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group, which is a nationwide group of roofing specialists. We are Energy Star-certified, thanks to our energy-efficient methods of operation. When it comes to materials, we only use high-quality products that come with a warranty, allowing you to enjoy top-notch results. In addition, we offer long-term warranties on our labor and materials.

Call Us

If you are interested in foam roofing for your building, the team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is here to help. We can handle anything you may need for your foam roof, including installation, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to get started!

Flat Roof Coating – Wooster, OH

September 4th, 2023

A flat roof offers many benefits to building owners. However, applying a coating can improve its performance and durability. If you’re looking for a top-rated commercial roofing company to apply your flat roof coating, the team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is your top choice. For more details, call us today at 888-699-9321!

Flat Roof Coatings

Flat Roof Coating Wooster OH1

A coating acts as an additional layer of protection for your flat roof. Building owners often choose a coating to extend the lifespan of their roof. Different coating types can also provide additional advantages. There are several types of coatings to choose from:

  • Acrylic: Acrylic coatings are the most popular, as they can be applied over most roofing surfaces and offer immediate UV protection. They are known to effectively lower indoor temperatures, but they are not as effective in areas with colder temperatures.
  • Silicone: Silicone is highly elastic and easily adheres to all surfaces. Silicone is widely used due to its ability to withstand long-term exposure to harsh weather conditions. Moreover, this coating type can resist oxidation, which is excellent for rainy areas.
  • Polyurethane: This material is resistant to many factors, including foot traffic on your roof. Polyurethane is also easy to clean. However, this material does not withstand UV rays as well as other materials. A topcoat can help address this issue.
Flat Roof Coating Wooster OH

Our team will work closely with you to choose the best coating material for your needs, taking into account your budget and location.


Most commercial building owners choose to apply a coating on their flat roof. This is due to the numerous advantages that coatings offer. For example, a coating can keep your building cooler by reducing the amount of UV rays that your building absorbs. Coatings can also lower energy consumption, reducing your utility costs. All of this serves to extend the lifespan of your roof, which can help you save both money and time in the long term.

In addition, a coating will help prevent tears, cracks, holes, or other damage. Coatings also work to protect your roof from extreme weather conditions.

Contact Us

When it comes to your flat roof coating, no one does it better than the trained experts at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH. You can count on us to apply a high-quality coating that meets your needs. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to get started! We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Working with Experienced Commercial Roofing Companies

August 25th, 2023
Experienced Commercial Roofing Companies1

When it comes to caring for your commercial roof, it may be challenging to know where to start. When looking for commercial roofing companies for your next project, there are many factors you need to consider. Thankfully, the crew at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is here to help. Call us now at 888-699-9321 to get started! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Working With a Roofing Company

As a building owner, you need to partner with an experienced commercial roofing company to offer the roofing services you are looking for.

Commercial roofing companies can provide a wide range of services. A contractor has the staff, expertise, and proper equipment to complete even the most challenging projects. In addition, a professional company has experience providing roofing services for a variety of building types.

Take Your Time

Experienced Commercial Roofing Companies

Choosing a commercial roofing company is not easy, but taking your time and partnering with the right team will ensure your job is completed effectively and flawlessly. Working with professionals who have experience with your roofing type and the service you need will be helpful. In addition, companies that have been in the industry for longer are more likely to be trustworthy, since this means clients continue to trust them for their roofing needs. When considering your options, make sure you are aware of the project’s estimated completion date as well as the materials that will be used. Knowing this information will make it much simpler for you to find a dependable roofer.

Ensure your roofing contractor is duly licensed and insured for your protection. A copy of their most recent certifications should be on file with the state licensing board where they conduct business. Verify that your contractor’s licenses are current and legitimate before hiring them. In addition, ask your contractor if a warranty or guarantee covers their work and the materials they use. Even if the materials are top-quality, a sub-par installation may end up costing you more money in the long term. It would also be wise to request an installation warranty and a guarantee that the work will be done appropriately.

Call Us

As a building owner, you should partner with a reliable commercial roofing company. First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is ready to meet your needs. Call us today at 888-699-9321, and our crew will be delighted to serve you!

Commercial Roofing Company – Elyria OH

August 24th, 2023

roofing-company-elyria oh 1Is your facility located in Elyria, OH? Do you need a reliable and professional commercial roofing company? First Class Roofing can help – we are a full-service contractor, which provides roofing services to Elyria and the surrounding areas. Roof installation, maintenance, repair, restoration, or replacement – we can handle it! First Class Roofing offers a wide variety of solutions for your commercial roofing needs.

Choosing a commercial roofing company is a challenge in itself. That’s why it’s important to narrow down the options to find the best contractor for you. Here are some questions you should ask any commercial roofing company:

• What is the contractor’s experience?
• How long have they been in business?
• Do they meet all necessary certification and qualifications?
• Can the company provide customer testimonials?
• What sort of warranty coverage does the company offer?
• What is the contractor’s service record?
• Is the contractor authorized to install warranted roofs by their manufacturers of choice?

Call us at 888-699-9321 to find out about the great advantages of First Class Roofing’s knowledge, experience, and reliable roofing solutions. Our qualified and trained personnel would be more than happy to perform an on-site roof evaluation and offer an estimate for your roof’s needs.

Local Commercial Roofing Company

roof-contractor elyria oh 2
We are committed to providing quality, integrity and value at First Class Roofing. These three factors are why we have been a locally owned and operated company since it was established. Here some of the advantages in terms of value you receive as one of our customers:

• Family-owned and family-operated enterprise
• Endorsed Choice Roof Contractor Group member
• 15+ years of construction experience
• Factory-trained roof specialists and installers
• Professional and attentive service
• Official, recognized Conklin roofing applicator
• Able to offer non-prorated manufacturer warranties

On-Site Estimates(888)699-9321

Commercial Roofing Company Services Elyria

We offer multiple types of solutions for a number of industrial and commercial roofing at First Class Roofing:

• Metal
• Modified bitumen
• Built-up

Call us to schedule an inspection to find out more about your roof’s performance and condition. We will send one of our specialists to your facility. They’ll note the problematic areas and present the details of your roof. Afterwards, they will present your roof’s condition and what solutions are available to fix them ASAP.

Estimate by Roofing Company

We strive to make your roofing project as minimally disruptive and stress-free as possible at First Class Roofing. We set high standards for our service, business interactions, and workmanship with every project. These bars that we set become the core objectives for your roofing project. You count on dependable, professional, and effective service from our team!

Need an estimate? Call us today at 888-699-9321 to arrange a professional on-site roof evaluation. We look forward to working with you!

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Upper Arlington, OH

August 21st, 2023

commercial-roofing-contractor-upper-arlington-oh 1Are you on the market for a trusted commercial roofing contractor in Upper Arlington, OH? First Class Roofing can be counted on for expert commercial roofing services. We blend first-rate craftsmanship with excellent prices. To get a free estimate on any type of commercial roofing project, call us today at (888) 699-9321.

Dedicated Commercial Roofing Contractor

First Class Roofing is made up of like-minded roofing experts who have shown the ability to consistently deliver superior roofing solutions. We know how terrible the aftermath of careless craftsmen can be. In fact, we are often hired to clean up the mess that lesser experienced roofers leave! With our team on the job, you can relax knowing that we will give your roof the best help around.

Company owner William Keim has been offering clients across the state of Ohio exceptional construction services for over 15 years now. He has a well-trained team behind him, and together they continue to deliver complete client satisfaction. From our craftsmanship down to our customer service, First Class Roofing is Ohio’s top option!

Top-Grade Roofing Products

commercial-roofing-contractor-upper-arlington-ohio 2There are a lot of factors that determine the longevity of a commercial roof. Certainly, the quality of the roofing products used is one of the biggest factors. That’s why First Class Roofing only uses the best! We use proven Conklin® products that lead to durable and energy-efficient commercial roofs.

Free Commercial Roofing Estimates

While it’s important to hire a reliable commercial roofing contractor, price is always going to be a factor to consider. With First Class Roofing, you get the best of both worlds. This means high-quality commercial roofing services at competitive prices! We also offer free roof evaluations that will ensure that your roof receives the services it needs.

 Call Us Today!

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

First Class Roofing is excited to help new clients in Upper Arlington, OH. No matter the service needed, we’re the type of commercial roofing contractor that you can rely on for timely roofing services done right. To schedule a free roof inspection, feel free to reach out to our experienced team of commercial roofing specialists today at (888) 699-9321.

Roof Coating – Delaware OH

August 18th, 2023
roof coating service delaware oh 1

Are you looking for an effective waterproofing solution to end pesky roof leaks? We recommend a roof coating!  If your building is near Delaware, Ohio, First Class Roofing can help. We are a recognized, professional applicator of complete, durable waterproofing systems with a 35+ year reputation nationwide.

These waterproofing systems are also known as roof coatings, or more specifically a roof coating system. Applying a coating system to an existing roof does more than waterproofing. It’s a cost-efficient way of extending the roof’s lifespan without intensive tear-off, to make your facility weather-resistant once again. To request a customized roof coating estimate for your facility, call us at 888-699-9321.

Roof Coating Solutions

roof coating delaware ohio 2

First Class Roofing performs roof coating services on a wide-varying range of different types of industrial and commercial roofing:

• Built-up
• Metal
• Modified bitumen
• And others

On-Site Evaluations(888)699-9321

When applied, our roof coating systems are seamless, fully adhered, and water-tight. They can be backed with non-prorated warranty coverage for up to 18 years. As a fluid-applied solutions, they can also be recoated for renewed performance, warranty coverage, and cost savings. Call us today for more information!

Roof Coating Benefits

commercial roof coating delaware oh 3

Here are some other upsides to having a roof coating system installed on your existing roof:

• Seamless protective barrier
• Expands and contracts with changing temperatures
• Class A fire resistance and Class 4 impact resistance
• Can add years to roof’s life expectancy
• Avoid heavy costs of roof tear-off involved with replacement
• Delays roof aging with strong UV resistance
• Reflects up to 85% of sun’s rays, which can give 30% A/C cost savings
• ENERGY STAR® qualified

If your roof requires another solution, no problem. We can install a durable single-ply membrane system, as well. Call us to have your roof inspected for customized solutions!

Coating System Estimate

With 15+ years of construction industry experience, First Class Roofing understands the importance of customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We’ll identify all areas of concern on your roof. After a company technician has completed this analysis, we can give a customized proposal of various options to resolve those problems.

You can count on the First Class Roofing team for the professional service and answers you need. Don’t hesitate to call us for arranging an appointment for assessing your roof at a convenient time. It would be our pleasure to serve you!

Don’t hesitate — call us today at 888-699-9321 for an on-site roof assessment and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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