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Commercial Roofing Companies – Newark, OH

September 4th, 2022

commercial-roofing-companies-newark-ohYour commercial or industrial roof represents a significant investment of time, money, and other resources. It is your first line of defense against the outside environment and weather, and also protects everything underneath it, from people to machinery and equipment. Needless to say, when it comes to taking care of your commercial roof, you shouldn’t leave the job to just anyone.

First Class Roofing is the #1 commercial roofing company for Newark, Ohio, and the surrounding communities – Avon, Bucyrus, Crestline, Delaware, Elyria, Galion, Mt. Gilead, Mansfield, Marion, Ontario, Shelby, and more. We provide excellent service to industrial, commercial, and institutional clients throughout the state. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to learn more about the things that set us apart from the competition!

Roofing Care For All Roof Types

No matter what type of commercial roof system your building has, you can rest easy knowing First Class Roofing knows how to take care of it. Our roofing technicians are not only factory trained and certified, but they also have many years of in-the-field experience inspecting, repairing, and installing every type of commercial roof out there:

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties
  • Asphalt/tar
  • Built-up (BUR)
  • Flat
  • Metal
  • Modified bitumen
  • PVC
  • Rubber (EPDM)
  • Shingles
  • Single-ply
  • Spray foam
  • TPO
  • And much more!

Your One-Stop Shop For All Things Roofing

commercial-roofing-companies-newark-ohioIn addition to servicing all roof types, the experts at First Class Roofing also provide the full range of roofing services, from simple repairs to roof installation. Our commercial roofing services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • FREE, no-obligation, on-site roof inspections
  • Infrared leak detection and repair
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof restoration/roof coatings/liquid-applied roof systems/cool roof technology
  • Roof re-covering
  • Roof replacement and installation
  • Maintenance contracts
  • And more!

If you don’t see what you need, just call us today at (888) 699-9321 and ask! Chances are we offer it and we’ve probably done it many times before.

Working With Ohio’s #1 Roofer

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

When you hire First Class Roofing to take care of your commercial roof, you are working with a company that has a 15+ year reputation for quickly, carefully, and satisfactorily servicing customers’ roofs.

We attribute much of our success to our dedication to offering a superior customer experience:

  • Excellent Customer Service – We treat our customers like family, providing open and honest communication; prompt, courteous service; and affordable prices.
  • Premium Roofing Products – First Class Roofing uses only the best materials, to bring you durable, efficient, long-lasting roofing solutions.
  • Professional, Qualified Contractors – The team members at First Class Roofing have decades of combined experience. We also keep our roofers on the cutting-edge of roofing technology, with regular training and factory certifications.

To get your roof back to optimal performance levels, call First Class Roofing today at (888) 699-9321.

Rubber Roof Repair – Newark, OH

September 3rd, 2022

rubber-roof-repair-newark-ohFirst Class Roofing provides a variety of repair options for commercial and industrial clients with rubber roofs in Newark and throughout the state of Ohio. As your local rubber roof repair specialist, First Class Roofing inspects, maintains, restores, and even replaces the full spectrum of commercial rubber roofing systems.

If your EPDM/rubber roof is in need of repairs, First Class Roofing can provide you with professional and proven service. Our company has nearly 2 decades of practical experience, and our roofing technicians are factory trained and certified to take care of all types of rubber roofing. Speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today at (888) 699-9321 to schedule a free on-site estimate or obtain an estimate.

Common Rubber Roof Repairs

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties

Approximately 1 billion square feet of new rubber roofing is installed across the United States each year. Rubber roof systems are prized for their durability, strength, flexibility, and longevity. In fact, some rubber roofs that were installed more than 50 years ago are still in operation today. However, just like any roofing system, negligence, age, and just normal weathering can take its toll on a rubber roof.

Some of the most common damages we treat on rubber roofs include the following:

  • Rips/puncture/tears/holes – Making the roof more susceptible to pests and water infiltration.
  • Water damage – Usually due to standing water, especially on flat or low-sloping roofs.
  • Loose or rotting flashing/joints – Failing seams are one of the main causes of leaks. First Class Roofing can help keep all your joints and seams watertight with regular maintenance.
  • Loose membrane – Improper fastening can cause your rubber membrane to come up or catch the wind.
  • Blistering – Water or vapor can become trapped between layers in your rubber membrane.

If your rubber roof is exhibiting these or other problems, give First Class Roofing a call today at (888) 699-9321. We can get your rubber roof back in optimal working order with fast, efficient, affordable repairs.

Better Than Repairs: Rubber Roof Restoration With First Class Roofing 

rubber-roof-repair-newark-ohioWhen damages to your rubber roof are widespread or repairs don’t seem to be making a significant difference, First Class Roofing provides another option: rubber roof restoration, also called roof coatings.

First Class Roofing uses premium roof coatings from national manufacturer Conklin, a leader in the roof coating field and original formulator of acrylic roof coatings back in the 1970s. Roof coatings can be applied directly over your exiting rubber roof membrane and offer the following outstanding benefits:

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321
  • ENERGY STAR certified
  • Adds up to 85% reflectivity to your roof
  • Drops rooftop temps by as much as 80 degrees
  • Saves 30-50% in utility costs
  • UL and FM rated
  • Seamless and waterproof
  • Extends the life of your roof by many years
  • Resistant to hail, wind, sun, etc.
  • Reinforces building structure
  • And more!

If you feel like the performance of your commercial rubber roof has been declining, but you’re not ready to replace or don’t need to replace, rubber roof restoration is an effective alternative. In fact, your roof can be recoated every 10 years or so, so you can continue reaping the benefits of this versatile roofing solution.

Work With The Best

The team at First Class Roofing is professionally trained and capable of properly diagnosing your rubber roof issues and efficiently treating it. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 for a no-cost, on-site Ohio rubber roof repair estimate today!

Roof Inspection – Middletown, OH

September 2nd, 2022

Just like any important piece of equipment you hope to keep running for as long as possible, your commercial roof system should be periodically inspected and serviced. Studies show that roofs that are regularly maintained by a professional typically last many years longer than those that are neglected, and many warranties require regular servicing.

First Class Roofing is Middletown, Ohio’s premier commercial roofing contractor, specializing in the entire range of roofing services, including comprehensive roof inspections. Industry standards recommend having your roof inspected at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Inspections are also a good idea after any major weather event. Call us today to schedule yours! (888) 699-9321

Major Causes Of Roof Problems

The goal of any inspection and maintenance program is to identify problem areas and address them before they become major issues. In our nearly 20 years of service, we’ve come to recognize many of the most common issues that afflict commercial roofs:

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties
  • Shoddy workmanship during installation and subsequent repairs
  • Poor roof system design or choice of roof
  • Excessive and careless foot traffic
  • Low-quality materials
  • Major weather events
  • Mechanical damage
  • Trapped moisture
  • Lack of maintenance/neglect

These and other issues can cause high utility bills and premature roof failure, among other problems. With First Class Roofing on your side, we can work together to systematically approach and solve all your roofing woes.

Benefits Of Roof Inspections

At First Class Roofing, we like to compare your roof’s bi-annual checkup to your annual doctor visit – it’s a good way to catch problems early on and prevent them from becoming more serious. We like to take a proactive approach to our clients’ roofs, and the benefits of regular roof inspections speak for themselves:

  • Saves money – Smaller repairs are less costly.
  • Adds years to the life of your roof.
  • Gives you peace of mind.
  • Creates records for insurance purposes – more likely to get the claim payment you deserve.

Complete Roof Inspections With First Class Roofing 

While your roof may look fine to the untrained eye, a careful inspection by a professional may reveal less obvious damages. At First Class Roofing, we go above and beyond the basic roof inspection, many contractors offer to give our customers a truly comprehensive roof assessment. The list below lists just a few of the things a First Class Roofing technician looks for during an inspection:

1) Exterior

  • Damaged roofing membrane
  • Exposed fasteners
  • Missing caulk
  • Damaged flashing
  • Dry rot
  • Damaged boots
  • Gutters/drainage system
  • Leaks/moisture
  • Low spots/valleys/standing water
  • Discoloration
  • Vegetation
  • Rusting metal
  • Debris
  • Cracks, blistering, “alligatoring”
  • And more!

2) Interior (where applicable)

  • Signs of water infiltration/discoloration
  • Attic ventilation
  • Cracks
  • Sagging decking/deformation in the wall surface
  • Rust
  • Light penetration
  • Leaks
  • Exhaust fans and ductwork
  • Mold
  • And more!

FREE Commercial Roof Inspection

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

It is our pleasure to provide FREE commercial roofing inspections throughout the state of Ohio. This complimentary service gives you a general analysis of your roof’s condition, along with custom recommendations based on our observations.

We will never try to sell you something you don’t need, and our inspections are no-hassle, no pressure, and no obligation. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 or fill out our online contact form to get started!

Commercial Roofing Services – Newark, OH

September 1st, 2022

commercial-roofing-services-newark-ohFirst Class Roofing is Newark, Ohio’s full-service commercial roofing company. 

No matter how big or small the job, no matter what type of commercial roof you have, First Class Roofing can handle it. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to learn more about our services or read on to see a full list of all our offerings. And remember, if it’s not listed here, give us a call! Chances are, we can help you out!

We’ve Got All Your Commercial Roofing Services Covered!

First Class Roofing is one of the very few roofing contractors that actually provides the full range of industrial and commercial roofing services in-house. Here is a brief overview of the roofing services we provide:

Roof Inspections

First Class Roofing is a licensed and insured commercial roofer, with 15+ years of experience inspecting, diagnosing, and treating industrial and commercial roofs. We offer free, no-hassle, no-pressure, no-obligation, on-site roof inspections, because we are confident that after working with us, you won’t want to hire anyone else!

Our roofing technicians are familiar with all types of commercial roofs:

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties
  • Flat roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Asphalt and tar roofs
  • Shingle roofs
  • Cement roofs
  • BUR (built-up) roofs
  • Single-ply roofs (EPDM, TPO, PVC)
  • And more!

We pride ourselves on offering the most in-depth inspections of any roofer. We assess every part of your roof, from the interior and building envelope to the roof field and drain systems. We also include cutting-edge leak detection services alongside our roof inspection service.

Roof Repairs

commercial-roofing-services-newark-ohioIf your commercial roof is in obvious need of repairs, you don’t have a lot of time to research and interview roofing contractors – you need help now! If you’re located in or around Newark, Ohio, call the commercial roofer with a proven reputation – First Class Roofing provides comprehensive roof repairs for all types of commercial roofs, including rubber roofs, shingle roofs, spray foam roofs, metal roofs, cement roofs, flat roofs, and much more.

Every type of roofing system and damage requires a unique approach to repair. When you hire the experts at First Class Roofing, you can be sure you’re working with a roofer who can properly diagnose and treat any roofing problem.

In addition to one-time roof repairs, First Class Roofing also offers fully customizable roof maintenance plans:

  • Choose how often a professional roofer inspects your commercial roof. (We recommend every 6 months, in the spring and fall.)
  • Choose what services your roof inspection includes. (Basic plans include a comprehensive inspection, debris removal, cleaning, and basic repairs.)

Call us today to get your roof repair scheduled or talk to one of our customer service representatives about a maintenance contract. 

Roof Coatings & Roof Restoration

First Class Roofing proudly offers a complete line of industrial and commercial roof coating services. Our premium roof coatings from national manufacturer Conklin can quickly and affordably leak-proof your commercial roof and drastically improve its performance and life expectancy – all with no roof-tear off.

Other benefits include:

  • Up to 85% reflectivity
  • Up to 50% utility savings
  • ENERGY STAR certification
  • Resistant to wind, sun damage, weathering, etc.
  • And more!

Our elastomeric, liquid-applied roof coatings are a great option for flat roofs, metal roofs, EPDM roofs, and a wide range of other commercial roof systems. For an energy-efficient roofing solution, look no further than First Class Roofing’s cool roof, fluid-applied systems.

Roof Replacement & Installation

On-Site Estimates: (888) 699-9321

If your commercial roof needs to be replaced, you can count on First Class Roofing to take care of you, from start to end of the project. We install, replace, and build commercial roofing systems of all types.

Whether your new roof involves re-covering your current roof or tearing off the existing membrane and completely replacing it, First Class Roofing will work quickly and carefully to install your new roof with as little disruption to daily business operations as possible. We can also walk you through your options and help you select a new roofing system that will best meet your needs and goals.

Call First Class Roofing Today!

Call First Class Roofing today at (888) 699-9321 to schedule your free, on-site roof assessment. One of our friendly, knowledgeable service techs can give you an overview of your roof’s condition and suggest several solutions to address any issues. Whether your roof needs a simple cleaning or a full-scale restoration or replacement, you can count on superior service from First Class Roofing!

Roof Inspection – Elyria, Ohio

August 27th, 2022

It’s common to be caught in a situation where you end up with a roofing problem that is worse than it could have been if it were identified early on. One of the main issues associated with roofing is late identification, which causes matters to worsen. A roof inspection can make all those issues vanish instantly, so you only need a roofing company like First Class Roofing. If you’re in Elyria, Ohio, call us today at (888) 699-9321.

What is a roof inspection?

The roof inspection process involves a team of experts climbing onto your roof and pointing out any signs of damage. They quickly point out minor issues that may not be a big deal to you. Since they have years of experience, they can quickly point out these minute details and offer suggestions for fixing them.

This is ideal as, through roof inspection, you can prevent a problem from worsening and tackle it early on. Most people get a roof inspection every two years, which is often ideal. However, when you notice certain warning signs, it is best to call them immediately and get an inspection in order to ensure your roof is safe. These warning signs include pools of water collecting on the roof; stains on walls or ceilings; increased utility bills; cracks, tears, or holes visible on the roof.

Why is it important?

In a nutshell, your decision to get a roof inspection can dictate the life of your roof. The largest benefit one can reap is how you can get a simple repair done instead of letting it grow to something like a roof replacement. This will allow you to care for your roof and provide it with what it needs to last longer than the average life of a roof.

On the other hand, letting your roof be without experts viewing it occasionally can lead to severe consequences. You might miss a small crack or a little water pooling up, but these are significant signs they can never forget.

Contact us:

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

Although roof inspections are known to solve many problems, it is often difficult to find someone with the skills to perform them to perfection. That is where First Class Roofing comes in. We have a vast team with all the skills, experience, and equipment one needs to get anything done. If you’re in Elyria, Ohio, you’re in luck because your roof is always safe in our hands. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to find out more.

Roof Coating – Elyria, OH

August 20th, 2022

Your home’s roof is continually impacted by hazardous factors, including dust, wind, rain, and sunshine. If not appropriately managed, such exposure over time may result in significant harm. Using roof coatings to protect and prolong your roofing system’s life has been a successful strategy.

The practical and high-quality roof coating services of First Class Roofing are well known. One of the numerous specialties of our staff members is the roof coating service. Call us at 888-699-9321 to learn more about our work in Elyria, Ohio.

What is roof coating?

No matter how durable and robust your roofing system is, it will never be able to withstand the effects of aging and the laws of time. Your roofing system may develop severe problems due to weather hazards and wear and tear. A region like Elyria, Ohio, receives a lot of rainfall every year, averaging around thirty-eight inches per year. First Class Roofing says that you can make your roof stronger by adding a layer of protective roof coating.

Using roof coatings can extend your roof’s life and eliminate the need for an early roof replacement. Roof coatings can fix issues like water leaks, seepages, and breakages in a damaged roofing system. The nice part about roof coatings is that they can be used on any type of roofing system, including single ply, metal, BUR, etc. The two most popular roof coatings are silicone and acrylic, each having a distinct advantage over the other and intended use. With these coatings, your roof will be more resistant to bad weather and will reflect UV rays.

Why First Class Roofing?

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

With almost a decade of work behind them, First Class Roofing is an established, rated, and licensed contractor that offers commercial roofing services in nearly every corner of Ohio. We are grateful for the support and reviews we have received and earned over the years in recognition of our work. Our team of technicians and workers devotedly train and strive to provide the best service possible. We religiously hold on to our environmentally friendly and affordable roofing service values. Within a few years since its inception, First Class Roofing is proud to have built relationships and affiliations with great roofing organizations, including Choice Roof Contractor, CRRC, and Conklin Preferred Contractor. In addition to roof coating, we also do repairs, maintenance, leak detection, restoration, cool roof solutions, and much more!

Reach out to us!

Call us at 888-699-9321 to book a roof coating service with First Class Roofing for your roofing system in Elyria, Ohio.

Flat Roof Repair – Elyria, OH

August 16th, 2022

Flat roofing systems have gained considerable popularity in the US for their salient attributes. Despite being strong and long-lasting, damage from weather and usage might eventually pose issues for the owners. Flat roof repairs are required for roofing systems to perform well, prevent accidents, and last a long time.

One of Ohio’s top roofing contractors, First Class Roofing, has made a name for itself in the industry. Our staff expertly performs all the roofing services we offer, including flat roof repair. Call us at 888-699-9321 if you’re looking for a roofing contractor in Elyria, Ohio.

What is flat roof repair?

Roof repairs become necessary to maintain the structure and strength of your roofing system and avoid unforeseen occurrences. To get these repairs done, you will need a roofer with skills in roof repair. You will continue to have problems with breaks, leaks, or water ponding until a roofer fixes them. Not all people can be professional roofers. So, making repairs to your flat roof may be both hard work and a risky job.

In the flat roof repair service, the roofer looks into the roots of your worries and fixes them. Drainage issues, blockades, substrate tear, etc., are some of the many problems a flat roof repair service can help you resolve.

If your roof has been troubling, get an inspection at your earliest convenience to ensure you save time and money.

Why First Class Roofing?

First Class Roofing is proud to be a recognized, rated, and authorized commercial roofing contractor. We have extended our commercial roofing services to practically every region in Ohio for almost eight years today. We appreciate the encouragement and praise we have received throughout the years for our work. The technicians and employees on our team diligently train and work to provide you with the most satisfactory service attainable. Our commitment to delivering both economically and ecologically friendly roofing services is unwavering. First Class Roofing has worked hard to establish connections and affiliations with many outstanding roofing associations, including Choice Roof Contractor, CRRC, and Conklin Preferred Contractor. We do more than just fix flat roofs. We also offer roof maintenance, leak detection, roof restoration, roof coatings, and solutions for cool roofs.

Reach out to us!

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

You can contact First Class Roofing by calling us at 888-699-9321 if you wish to book a flat roof repair service for your property in Elyria, Ohio.

Low Slope Roofing – Fremont, OH

August 14th, 2022

You must manage a risk-free and successful business, which entails having your roof routinely inspected, fixed, or even replaced (if the old one is a hazard to your employees). The specialists at First Class Roofing can advance your cause in this situation. All local businesses can prosper in the current market with the help of our cost-effective and effective roofing solutions.

In Fremont, Ohio, and the neighboring areas, our low-slope roofing systems are famous for their dependability and low cost. Discover more about this service by looking over the advantages listed below. Additionally, give us a call at 888-699-9321. To schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable roofers right now.

What Is Low Slope Roofing?

A flat roof system is another name for a low-slope roofing system. In the roofing industry, the term “low-slope” is preferred to “flat roofs” because it implies that the roof is not sloped. Low slope roofs, such as shingles, cannot be covered with sloping roofing systems. The spectrum of roofing solutions appropriate for low-slope roofs is rather distinct.

The most common roofing systems for low slopes are single-ply membrane systems. They are also our most popular picks amongst the other low-slope systems. These water-repellent sheets come in various widths, and our experts can pick the most suitable combination for your roof. There are also different types of membranes available on the market. We have thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes, PVC (polyvinyl) membranes, and also ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) membranes. Some of them even come with a reflective coating that helps reduce cooling costs in the summer!

The Benefits of Choosing First Class Roofing

You also receive several other advantages besides the reasonably priced services and the highly competent team of professionals. Some of our services and working methods come with an eighteen-year warranty! Using us as your main roofing contractor can save a tonne of money on future repairs.

We have collaborated with renowned businesses across the state and are Energy Star, certified contractors. So, once our systems are put in place, they are known to work well and can cut energy costs by a lot.

You may trust that we won’t sacrifice the caliber of our service because our crew is meticulous about every task!

Schedule a consultation!

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

Call First Class Roofing at 888-699-9321 to learn more about our services. You may learn everything there is to know about low-slope roofing from our specialists, including how to install various systems on top of your low roof. We serve in Fremont, Ohio, and most of its neighboring communities. Choose us, and we will make your experience with us memorable and worthwhile.

Conklin Roofing – Fremont, OH

August 11th, 2022

Conklin Roofing is a manufacturer of roofing systems, focusing on energy efficiency and cost savings for the customer. We work with Conklin materials as qualified commercial roofing contractors. Our roofing and coatings solutions reduce energy consumption, which results in lower utility expenses, which offset the cost of the systems. You will be protected for many years. Over time, Conklin roofing frequently needs only minor repairs, and when that happens, we’re happy to be of assistance.

Suppose you are looking for Conklin roofing in Fremont, Ohio. In this case, the experts at First Class Roofing can help you win. Discover more about this service by looking over the advantages listed below. Additionally, give us a call at 888-699-9321 to schedule a meeting with one of our knowledgeable roofers right now.

The Benefits of Conklin Roofing:

It reduces your cooling costs.

The benefits of reflection extend to your team and inventory. Maintaining the proper temperature within a structure is crucial for the equipment’s longevity and the occupants’ comfort. Because of the Conklin Metal Roof coating, less heat comes through the metal roof into the building. This means that less air conditioning and cooling are needed to keep the building at a comfortable temperature.

It is quite sustainable.

Conklin Roof Coatings are extremely durable. Up to 10 years after installation, they are still functional, and you can have the coating professionally restored. This implies that the lifespan of your roof can be repeatedly extended and safeguarded. If you don’t have a good Conklin coating on your roof, you might have to replace it often because of leaks, heat damage, and normal wear and tear.

It is environmentally responsible.

Conklin roof coatings employ a water-based top coating, meaning that they emit fewer VOCs, which are particularly harmful to the environment. Additionally, suppose your roof isn’t coated. In that case, your only choice is to replace it, which generates debris that will almost certainly wind up in a landfill. Conklin Metal Roof Coating can significantly lower your company’s reliance on fossil fuels by increasing the reflectiveness of your roof and lowering cooling costs. Commercial roof coatings from Conklin can help you cut down on waste and keep your promise to use sustainable business practices.

Make sure that whoever you work with uses the Conklin Metal Roof Coating system when looking for a metal roof restoration. It’s better for the environment, better for your wallet, and better for your roof. Simply put, it is the market’s top-rated line of metal roof restoration materials.

Contact Us!

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

If you are looking for Conklin Roofing installation in Fremont, Ohio, you have nothing to worry about. First Class Roofing has got you covered. Call us at 888-699-9321 and our customer representative will guide you with everything you need to know about Conklin Roofing installation.

Commercial Roofing Companies – Cuyahoga Falls, OH

August 8th, 2022

commercial-roofing-companies-cuyahoga-falls-ohFirst Class Roofing is a premier commercial roofing company providing high-quality services to clients in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Our roofing technicians are licensed, insured, and professionally trained. As a full-service company, First Class Roofing makes it easy for clients to get their roofs back in order. For a free onsite roof evaluation, call us today at (888) 699-9321.

Why First Class Roofing?

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties

Roofing contractors pop up here and there all the time to try to make some quick money, but a lot of the work out there is not done properly. The problem for clients, though, is that these problems often do not become apparent until months or years later. In other words, when you hire the wrong people to repair, install, or replace your roof, you will end up paying a lot more down the road and it can turn into a major headache.

Meanwhile, First Class Roofing is a professional company that conducts business the right way. We have 15+ years of experience in the commercial roofing industry and we have built up a solid reputation in Ohio. When you hire us you can expect quality workmanship, professional treatment, and competitive prices. Plus, we make sure everything we do is on the right side of the law which includes adhering to the local building laws and federal safety standards.

Top Customer Care

commercial-roofing-companies-cuyahoga-falls-ohioAt First Class Roofing, we know how important excellent customer support is when it comes to getting the correct end result. We communicate with clients so that we are on the same page with them throughout the process. We even create customized roofing plans that are tailor-made for specific roofs and preferences.

Our Services

First Class Roofing accepts jobs of all sizes and on all types of commercial roofs. Whether you need a roof repair, restoration, or replacement, we have you covered. First Class Roofing also recommends clients to schedule regular roof inspections with us so we can stay on top of any necessary maintenance.

Call Us Today!

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

Clients in Cuyahoga Falls, OH in need of a trustworthy roofing company are in luck! First Class Roofing has all the solutions. For a free onsite estimate on any sort of commercial roofing service, call us today at (888) 699-9321.

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