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Commercial Roofing Contractor – Upper Arlington, OH

Monday, August 21st, 2023

commercial-roofing-contractor-upper-arlington-oh 1Are you on the market for a trusted commercial roofing contractor in Upper Arlington, OH? First Class Roofing can be counted on for expert commercial roofing services. We blend first-rate craftsmanship with excellent prices. To get a free estimate on any type of commercial roofing project, call us today at (888) 699-9321.

Dedicated Commercial Roofing Contractor

First Class Roofing is made up of like-minded roofing experts who have shown the ability to consistently deliver superior roofing solutions. We know how terrible the aftermath of careless craftsmen can be. In fact, we are often hired to clean up the mess that lesser experienced roofers leave! With our team on the job, you can relax knowing that we will give your roof the best help around.

Company owner William Keim has been offering clients across the state of Ohio exceptional construction services for over 15 years now. He has a well-trained team behind him, and together they continue to deliver complete client satisfaction. From our craftsmanship down to our customer service, First Class Roofing is Ohio’s top option!

Top-Grade Roofing Products

commercial-roofing-contractor-upper-arlington-ohio 2There are a lot of factors that determine the longevity of a commercial roof. Certainly, the quality of the roofing products used is one of the biggest factors. That’s why First Class Roofing only uses the best! We use proven Conklin® products that lead to durable and energy-efficient commercial roofs.

Free Commercial Roofing Estimates

While it’s important to hire a reliable commercial roofing contractor, price is always going to be a factor to consider. With First Class Roofing, you get the best of both worlds. This means high-quality commercial roofing services at competitive prices! We also offer free roof evaluations that will ensure that your roof receives the services it needs.

 Call Us Today!

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

First Class Roofing is excited to help new clients in Upper Arlington, OH. No matter the service needed, we’re the type of commercial roofing contractor that you can rely on for timely roofing services done right. To schedule a free roof inspection, feel free to reach out to our experienced team of commercial roofing specialists today at (888) 699-9321.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Findlay, OH

Sunday, August 6th, 2023

commercial-roofing-contractor-findlay-oh 1

The right commercial roofing contractor can wind up saving you a significant amount of time and money on your roof. Those in Findlay, OH should choose First Class Roofing for high-quality and reasonably priced commercial roofing services. Call our team up at (888) 699-9321 to set up a free roof inspection.

Commercial Roofing Contractor Services

The roofing experts at First Class Roofing do it all. Our guys have been in this industry for quite some time now and can be relied on for premium roof repairs, roof coatings, and roof replacements. Our team’s high-level craftsmanship makes it possible for commercial roofs to last several years longer. This is especially true when you choose us to inspect your roof regularly.

With regular inspections, we’ll be able to get your roof what it needs in a timely manner. This will prevent its condition from slipping and lead to a lot of saved money. First Class Roofing is the best at providing cost-effective and long-lasting roofing solutions.

About The Owner

commercial-roofing-contractor-findlay-ohio 2

William Keim, proud owner of First Class Roofing, has been providing top-notch construction services for over 15 years now. He’s a fully certified applier of Conklin roofing products. Conklin introduced roof coatings to the market over 40 years ago. Today, these quality roof coatings are still being used to restore the condition of commercial roofs.

Energy-Efficient Roofing Solutions

While we are out providing the best roofing services around, we also want to help our clients save money on energy costs. That’s why we do our best to improve the energy-efficiency of commercial buildings by using reflective roof coatings or by installing eco-friendly roofs. With our help, you may be looking at up to 30% savings on monthly energy bills!

Call Us Today!

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

Need a commercial roofing contractor in Findlay, OH? Hire First Class Roofing for the best results. We take on all types of commercial roofing projects in this area. Get to know more about our services by reaching out to us at (888) 699-9321. We’ll come by soon after you call to inspect your roof for free and provide you with a free roof estimate.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Wooster, OH

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023

There may be many contractors to choose from for your next project. However, finding the right contractor for you can be difficult, and it may take some trial and error. After all, building owners may try to save money by choosing a cheaper option, but this could lead to results that are of lower quality. Thankfully, the team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is here to help. We help property owners across the area care for their roof. If you are looking for an experienced commercial roofing contractor, call us today at 888-699-9321!

Why Choose Us

Commercial Roofing Contractor1

Our crew has over two and a half decades of experience in commercial roofing. We have an impressive track record of accomplishments. You can expect professional treatment and world-class customer support from our team.

We are also part of the Choice Roof Contractor Group, which is proof of our dedication to the roofing industry. We offer free inspections along with a no-obligation estimate. Not only are we specialists in the field, but we also use premium-grade Conklin products to protect your roof and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Full-Service Company

Commercial Roofing Contractor

Some companies specialize in one specific roofing service. However, we take care of our clients by completing projects of all types and sizes. Our extensive list of services includes repairs, coatings, maintenance, and complete replacements. Whatever you need, we are here to help you!

Our team of experienced roofers has remarkably high standards, which is why we strive to provide exceptional results in every project. We aim for your roof to last for decades. Many clients in the region continue to trust us to care for their roof. Clearly, our crew is the best choice for building owners in the area.

Call Us Today

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

It is important to find the best contractor for your roofing project. You need to choose an experienced team that will be honest and respectful. Here at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, we are confident that we can provide the results you are looking for. We strive to give each of our clients a roof that will protect both them and their building for many years to come. To get started on your project, or to learn more, call us today at 888-699-9321! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Professional Commercial Roofing Contractor – Bucyrus, OH

Thursday, May 4th, 2023
Commercial Roofing Contractor1

Keeping your roof well-maintained and in good condition can be a difficult task. As a property owner, you need to ensure your roof is always ready to protect your building and those inside. You should partner with a trusted commercial roofing contractor, such as the team at First Class Roofing in Bucyrus, OH. We can provide the services you need, whether it’s repairs, maintenance, or installations. To learn more, call us today at 888-699-9321!

Reasons to Choose a Contractor

Commercial Roofing Contractor

When it comes to your commercial roof, working with a professional contractor is essential. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Quality Work: Commercial roofing contractors have the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to ensure your project is completed correctly the first time. They can easily handle any issue you may have, ensuring your roof remains in excellent condition for years.
  • Safety: Roofing work can be dangerous, especially on commercial properties. Professional contractors have the necessary equipment and training to perform the job safely.
  • Efficiency: A professional contractor can complete the job quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.
  • Cost Savings: While you may be tempted to fix your commercial roof yourself or hire a less experienced contractor, this can cost you significantly more in the future. A professional contractor will complete the job efficiently, saving you money in the long term.
  • Warranty: Most professional commercial roofing contractors offer warranties on their work, giving you peace of mind that your investment is protected.
  • Customization: A commercial contractor can provide you with a roof that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

Clearly, working with a contractor is an investment that will reap rewards in the future. See for yourself why so many property owners across the region trust us to provide the solutions they need!

Call Today

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

A commercial contractor is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your roof. When you partner with the team at First Class Roofing in Bucyrus, OH, you will benefit from our expertise, safety, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency. We’ll ensure your roof lasts for many more years to come! To learn more, call us today at 888-699-9321.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Shelby, OH

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023


commercial-roofing-contractor-shelby-ohioUsually, your commercial roof is the most expensive part of your commercial building. Call it an investment because it safeguards your building and the people, equipment, and inventory inside from the worst that catastrophic weather can hurl at lethally high speeds.

As you sow so shall you reap – the better you take care of your roof, the more superior and more hassle-free protection it will offer over the years. A well-cared commercial roof will last for decades with minimum maintenance. But then, you have to choose a professional commercial roofing contractor.

First Class Roofing is your top professional commercial roofing contractor in Shelby, OH. With over 15 years experience in fixing the most complex of roofing problems in buildings ranging from small shops to mega complexes, you can count on us to take roofing stress out of your mind once and for all.

Call us today at (888) 699-9321 and you will know why we are so highly rated in Shelby, Avon, Bucyrus, Crestline, Delaware, Elyria, Galion, Mt. Gilead, Mansfield, Marion, Ontario, and the surrounding areas in Ohio. Our roofing personnel will offer a free estimate immediately. And with your permission, we will make roof servicing completely hassle-free for you.

Separating Men from Boys

With so many commercial roofing contractors around, it is difficult to choose a professional contractor. All make similar claims and there are some who offer services at unbelievably low rates.

First, understand that your roof is an expensive investment that pays back steadily over the long term. There’s no point in jeopardizing long term stability for short term savings. Amateur contractors will charge less but deliver shoddy work making you spend repetitively for the same task.

When choosing a contractor, check for:


• Reputation
• Years of Experience
• Licenses, Permits, and Insurance
• Prior Customer Testimonials and Repeat Customers
• Membership with Industry Groups and Associations
• Speed of Service
• Workforce Quality – training, updates, technology used
• Follow Up Services

First Class Roofing scores top grades on this criterion. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 and benefit from our full service roofing services and top professionalism including:

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

• Over 15 years experience
• Free commercial roofing estimates
• Premium-grade Conklin® roofing products
• Strong reputation
• Specialist personnel
• Quality workmanship
• Hassle-free services
• Non-prorated, up to 18-year warranty
• Lifetime service guarantee

Excellence Unlimited

First Class Roofing is a member of the esteemed Choice Roof Contractor Group. When you choose us, we place our 15 years of experience at your disposal. We will make your roof leak-free and damage-free while minimizing your HVAC units maintenance requirements over the years.

Call us today at (888) 699-9321. After working with us, no other commercial roofing contractor will be good enough for you!

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Mansfield, Ohio

Tuesday, April 18th, 2023

Commercial Roofing Companies Mansfield OH PIC 1Are you in the market for a commercial roofing contractor in Mansfield, OH? First Class Roofing is the roofing contractor for you. You can rest easy knowing we proudly stand behind our 15+ years in the commercial roofing industry. Call us today at (866) 699-9321 so we can make you another satisfied customer.

First Class Roofing is a quality commercial roofing contractor that serves Avon, Bucyrus, Crestline, Delaware, Elyria, Galion, Mt. Gilead, Mansfield, Marion, Ontario, Shelby, Ohio and the other surrounding areas.

A Quality Commercial Roofing Contractor

There are many commercial roofing contractors out there but not all are created equally. We take pride in our work and only use quality materials to ensure your commercial roof is receiving the best. A few reasons why First Class Roofing is a great choice are:

• 15+ years in the roofing industry
• We are able to provide you with testimonials from previous customers
• Expertly trained technicians
• Certified installer of Conklin materials
• Complete commitment to exceptional customer service
• ENERGY STAR certified

Each roof is unique and requires its own specific solutions to care for and properly maintain them. We will correctly diagnose and treat any and all issues your commercial roof may be experiencing. First Class Roofing understands that your commercial roof is a large asset and we want you to get the most out of your investment. We will provide you with long-term and affordable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Buildings That We Service

Commercial Roofing Companies Mansfield OH PIC 2 Here at First Class Roofing you will get a commercial roofing contractor that covers a wide variety of roofing needs. Our main focus is on flat roof repair and replacement, energy efficient roofing, roof inspections, metal roof repair and replacement, roof coatings and so much more.

Our high-grade Conklin products are ideal for serving a multitude of commercial properties. A few of these buildings include:

• Apartments
• Churches
• Warehouses
• Metal buildings
• Retail properties
• New construction
• And so much more

Commercial Roofing Estimate

On-Site Estimates(888)699-9321

We provide all our customers a no-cost, on-site commercial roofing evaluations. Our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect your roof. After, you will be given a detailed overview of your roof’s current condition as well as the solutions to address any issues. If you need a few minor leaks fixed, a total replacement or would benefit from our roof coating system, First Class Roofing can guarantee you will receive first rate service from our dedicated team. There is no such thing as a job too small, or a job too big. We can handle it all! We’re ready to be your one-stop shop commercial roofing contractor in Mansfield, OH.

If you’re in need of an outstanding commercial roofing contractor give us a call today at (866)699-9321 for a commercial roof replacement estimate in the Mansfield, Ohio area today! Let’s get your commercial roof taken care of right away.

Reasons to Hire Commercial Roofing Companies

Sunday, March 12th, 2023
Commercial Roofing Companies1

First Class Roofing is one of the most trusted commercial roofing companies in Mount Vernon, OH, with a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions. Our team of experienced professionals has many years of industry experience. Even so, we keep learning and improving to complete our clients’ projects efficiently and correctly. When you choose us, you can be sure that your project is in good hands. Call us today at 888-699-9321 for more details!

Why Work with Commercial Roofing Companies?

We recommend working with a reputable commercial roofing company. If not, you could face some of the problems below.

Failure to Evaluate the Roof’s Condition

Failure to adequately inspect the roof before beginning a job is one of the most common errors. This can result in unexpected complications during the project, such as discovering a leak or structural damage that requires further repairs.

Low-Quality Materials

Commercial Roofing Companies2

Another common mistake is choosing low-quality materials to save costs. While it may seem like a good idea to save money, there can be problems in the long term.

Using lower-quality materials can lead to leaks, premature deterioration, and other issues that require costly repairs. However, our team never compromises on quality. We use only the best materials available to ensure that our clients’ roofs are durable and long-lasting. Our materials also come with warranties that last long after the project is completed.

Poor Installation

An improper installation can also threaten your commercial roof. Some frequent installation errors include using poor flashing, using the wrong fasteners, or failing to adequately seal penetrations. These errors can cause leaks and other problems that require costly repairs.

Our team follows a strict installation process to ensure that every part of the project is completed appropriately.

Lack of Maintenance

Finally, a failure to perform regular maintenance on a commercial roof can cause it to deteriorate prematurely. Frequent inspections and maintenance can aid in the detection and resolution of minor issues before they become bigger problems. We provide maintenance programs to ensure our clients’ roofs remain in good condition for many years.

Contact Us

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

Avoid some of these common mistakes by hiring a reputable roofing company. When you partner with First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH, you can rest assured that your project will be completed efficiently, correctly, and with high-quality materials. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to learn more about how we can help you!

Rubber Roof Coating – Mount Vernon, OH

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Does your roof need additional protection from the elements? If so, a rubber roof coating might be the solution you’re looking for. Contact the experts at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH, to learn about our excellent roofing services. Call us today at 888-699-9321 for more information!

What Is a Rubber Roof Coating?

Rubber Roof Coating1

A rubber roof coating is a liquid-applied membrane that creates a protective barrier on your roof. This type of coating is typically made of acrylic, urethane, or silicone, and it can be applied to any roofing material, including metal, asphalt, concrete, or tile.

Rubber roof coatings are designed to protect your roof from UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and ponding water. They can also extend your roof’s lifespan by up to 20 years.

In addition to protecting your roof, rubber roof coatings also improve your building’s energy efficiency. They can reflect up to 85% of the sun’s heat, keeping your building cooler in the summer and reducing energy costs.

Benefits of a Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber Roof Coating2

Here are some of the benefits of applying a rubber roof coating:

  • Helps protect your roof from UV rays, wind, and rain
  • Insulates your building, saving you money on your energy bills
  • Easy and quick to apply, meaning there are fewer disruptions to your business’ daily operations
  • An affordable way to extend your roof’s lifespan and protect your investment
  • Environmentally friendly, as it contains no dangerous chemicals or VOCs
  • A great way to prevent leaks, cracks, and other damage caused by weather events such as hail or high winds
  • It can be used on a wide range of materials, including metal, asphalt shingles, and even flat roofs

Contact Us

Need Roof Inspection?888-699-9321

With regular maintenance and a rubber roof coating application, you can ensure that your roof will last for many years to come. Contact the highly trained experts here at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH. We will assist you and guide you through every step of the process, so you can focus on what really matters! Call us today at 888-699-9321 to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to partnering with you.

Commercial Roofing Contractor – Mount Vernon, OH

Thursday, February 16th, 2023

Commercial Roofing Contractor1As a commercial property owner, you understand the value of safeguarding your roof and preserving its longevity. The quality of your roofing materials is one of the most important factors in helping your roof remain in optimal condition. Because your roof is your building’s first line of defense against the weather, it’s critical that you invest in high-quality materials that will protect your property. For a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Mount Vernon, OH, choose the experts at First Class Roofing. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to learn about our products and the services we provide!

Durability and Longevity

One of the key advantages of utilizing high-quality roofing materials is that your roof will last for decades to come. Cheap, low-quality materials can wear out rapidly, requiring numerous repairs and, eventually, a whole roof replacement. By investing in high-quality materials, you can extend the life of your roof and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Energy Efficiency

Another key advantage of using high-quality commercial roofing materials is increased energy efficiency. High-quality roofing materials can help insulate your building and minimize the energy required to heat and cool it.

This not only saves you money on energy, but it also reduces the carbon footprint of your building, making it more environmentally friendly.


Commercial Roofing ContractorYour roof is your building’s first line of defense against external elements, and first-rate materials can help protect it from damage caused by extreme weather conditions. High-quality roofing materials are more resilient and thus can better endure high winds and heavy rain, reducing leaks and water damage.

Working With a Reputable Roofing Contractor

A reputable roofing contractor can help you choose high-quality materials for your commercial roof. A skilled contractor will partner with you and make sure your roof receives the exact care it needs. Additionally, a reputable contractor will have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly install your roof.

Call Us Today

When looking for a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Mount Vernon, OH, contact the experts at First Class Roofing. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to learn about how we can help you! We look forward to partnering with you.

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