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Importance of Regular Roof Maintenance

Friday, May 12th, 2023

Your roof is one of the most important components of your building, as it protects your structure and those inside from the elements. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure your roof’s longevity, durability, and functionality. First Class Roofing in Bucyrus, OH, is a trusted contractor that offers expert roof maintenance services. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 888-699-9321!

Benefits of Maintenance

Detect Issues Early

Roof Maintenance1

Regular roof maintenance allows your contractor to detect any issues or damage in a timely manner. Problems such as leaks, cracks, and missing or damaged shingles may not be noticeable from the ground. However, when our team performs an inspection, we’ll be able to identify these issues before they become major problems. When you detect issues early, you can apply the necessary solutions quickly and save time and money in the long term.

Prolong Your Roof’s Lifespan

Regular maintenance can also prolong the lifespan of your roof. Neglecting maintenance could lead to leaks, mold, and rot, which can compromise the integrity of your roof and shorten its lifespan. Regular inspections and maintenance services, such as cleaning gutters, removing debris, and trimming trees, can help prevent these issues and extend the lifespan of your roof.

Save Money

Regular maintenance can save you money in the long term. You can avoid more costly repairs or even a full replacement by addressing small issues in a timely manner. Regular roof maintenance can also improve the energy efficiency of your building, reducing energy costs over time. Investing in regular maintenance with our expert team protects your investment and helps you save money in the long term.

Improve Safety and Security

A well-maintained roof improves the safety and security of your building. A damaged roof can pose safety risks such as leaks, water damage, and collapse. Regular maintenance ensures your roof is in good condition, protecting your building and the people inside.

Expert Roof Maintenance Services

Our crew offers expert maintenance services to ensure your roof’s longevity, durability, and functionality. Our team of skilled professionals has extensive experience with a wide range of roofing systems, so we can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs. We only use materials of the highest quality and the latest techniques to provide top-quality services.

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Regular roof maintenance offers many benefits to building owners. If you are in Bucyrus, OH, you should depend on the team at First Class Roofing. To schedule your inspection, call us today at 888-699-9321!

What to Know About Foam Roofing Maintenance

Monday, March 27th, 2023

Foam roofing is an excellent choice for commercial buildings owners, because it provides exceptional insulation and energy efficiency. However, just like any other roofing type, your foam roof needs proper maintenance to stay in optimal condition. Partner with the experts at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH for expert foam roofing maintenance. Call us today at 888-699-9321 for your free estimate!

Foam Roofing

Foam roofing is applied by spraying a layer of polyurethane foam over your existing roof. Foam roofs are popular because they provide excellent insulation and can extend the lifespan of your roof. However, foam roofs require regular maintenance.

Maintenance Tips

Foam Roofing Maintenance1

Here are some things you need to know about foam roofing maintenance:

  • Foam roofs need to be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear.
  • Foam roofs should be cleaned with a mild detergent and water solution at least once a year.
  • If you notice any cracks or holes, you should schedule repairs as soon as possible to prevent further damage.
  • You may need to reapply the foam coating every several years.

Proper Maintenance

Foam Roofing Maintenance

Your foam roof is a valuable asset. Therefore, you need to properly maintain it. Doing the below will ensure your foam roof lasts as long as possible.

  • Inspect your roof regularly: Look for signs of damage, such as cracks, holes, or leaks. If you see any damage, have your roofing contractor repair it immediately to prevent further damage.
  • Keep your roof clean: Remove debris on a regular basis, such as leaves and branches. This will prevent clogs in your drains and gutters and keep your roof in good condition.
  • Repair any leaks or cracks immediately: Leaks can cause serious damage to your roof if they are not repaired quickly.
  • Promptly replace damaged areas: Damaged areas on your roof can cause larger problems if they are not replaced quickly.
  • Schedule professional inspections at least once a year: A professional inspection can identify potential problems before they become serious issues.

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Proper maintenance of your foam roof is essential to ensure its longevity and reliability. With proper maintenance and attention, a foam roof can protect your building and help reduce your energy costs for many years. If your building is in Mount Vernon, OH, the experts at First Class Roofing are here to help. Call us today at 888-699-9321!

Comparing Single-Ply and Traditional Roofing

Thursday, February 9th, 2023

A building’s roof is one of its most vital components, as it provides protection as well as insulation. Single-Ply membrane is a great choice, but with so many options available, choosing the right roofing material for your building can be difficult. Partner with the experts at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH, to guide you every step of the way. Call us at (888) 699-9321 for more information!

Single-Ply Roofing

Single-Ply1Single-ply roofing is a flat roofing style composed of a single layer of material. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber is the most common material for single-ply roofing. It is lightweight, flexible, and simple to install, making it an excellent choice for flat or low-slope roofs.

Single-ply roofing is energy efficient, helping you reduce costs. It is also resistant to UV radiation, chemicals, and fire, making it a long-lasting solution for your building.

Traditional Roofing

Most traditional roofing systems, on the other hand, consist of multiple layers of material. Asphalt shingles, clay tiles, and metal roofing are the most popular types of conventional roofing. These are heavier-duty roofing materials that are often used on sloped roofs.

Traditional roofing is frequently less expensive than single-ply roofing. This cost difference, however, can be compensated by the fact that single-ply roofing is quicker to install and requires less care, saving you money in the long term.

Single-PlySingle-ply roofing is not available in many colors. If you are looking for a different design, you can opt for traditional roofing materials, as they come in a variety of colors and styles.

Both roofing systems are sustainable. Because single-ply roofing consists of a single layer of material, it produces less waste during installation. Furthermore, single-ply roofing systems are often more energy efficient, as they help reduce energy costs. Traditional roofing materials, on the other hand, are frequently recyclable, making them a sustainable alternative for environmentally conscious households.

If you are looking for a roof that is easy to install, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance, then single-ply roofing may be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a roofing system that is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable, then traditional roofing may be the better option.

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If you need help with your single-ply roof, look no further than First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH. We can handle your next roofing project, no matter how big or small it is. Our skilled team can help you select the best roofing system for your building, as well as provide excellent installation and maintenance services. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to speak to our crew!

A Guide to Rubber Roof Repair Services

Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

Rubber Roof Repair Services1Rubber roofs are a popular choice for building owners, due to their durability, flexibility, and energy efficiency. However, like any roofing material, they are prone to wear and tear over time and may need repairs. Choose the right commercial roofing company to ensure long-lasting repairs and avoid costly mistakes. For top-quality rubber roof repair services, contact the experts at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH, today by calling (888) 699-9321.

Key Steps


The first step in any rubber roof repair job is to inspect the damaged area. Identifying the scope and location of the damage is an integral part of the process.


Once we have inspected the damaged area, the next step is to clean it thoroughly. Any dirt, debris, or grease on the roof’s surface can prevent the materials from adhering properly. We will use a mild detergent and a brush to clean the surface of the roof. We will then rinse thoroughly with water to remove any remaining residue.


Rubber Roof Repair ServicesAfter cleaning the damaged region, the next step is to cut a piece of rubber roofing material to fit over the damaged area. To provide a secure and long-lasting repair, the patch is cut slightly larger than the damaged region. Rubber roof adhesive is then applied to both the damaged area and the back of the patch. This helps ensure that the patch stays in place and does not shift over time.


Our crew will then use a rubber roof roller on the patch to ensure proper adhesion. This helps remove any air bubbles between the patch and the roof surface, ensuring that the patch is securely attached to the roof.


After this, the adhesive materials must dry completely. This can take 24-48 hours, depending on the weather conditions. During this period, avoid stepping on the patch, as this can cause the patch to shift.

Seam Preparation

After the adhesive has dried, we prepare the seams for sealing. Our technicians will apply a seam primer to the patch’s edges and let it dry completely. After the primer has dried, we smooth the edges of the patch with seam tape.


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After the tape has been applied, we apply another layer of seam primer to the tape, allowing it to dry completely. Once the primer has dried, we apply a final layer of seam coating to the tape, ensuring it is smooth. We will let the seam coating dry completely, which can take up to 2 days.

Since rubber roof repair services are so difficult, you should only hire the most highly trained experts.

If you’re in Mount Vernon, OH, choose the reputable team at First Class Roofing. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to schedule your inspection!

Roof Maintenance – Norwalk, OH

Wednesday, December 21st, 2022

The weakest component of a building’s exterior is the roof system. Ultraviolet radiation, wind, rain, hail, snow, and sleet all weaken a roof system’s effectiveness.

A preventive roof maintenance program, superior design, high-quality components, and proper installation contribute to performance. Maintenance is essential to avoid roof issues and maintain the roof’s water tightness. A long-lasting roof system is made possible with the early detection and correction of roof issues. If you live in Norwalk, Ohio, you are in luck! First Class Roofing is here to take care of all your demands. Call 888-699-9321, and a customer service agent will guide you through the entire procedure.

Checklist for Roof Maintenance Plans

You can use the following checklist to create a roof maintenance checklist appropriate for your company. Keep in mind that your particular construction can require additional upkeep procedures.

  • Look inside for any leaks or damage.
  • Examine drains for obstructions and debris
  • Examine the outer roof surface for damage or cracks.
  • Check all roof elements for damage (flashings, joints, chimneys, pipes, etc.)
  • Remove any dirt, leaves, or other debris from the roof’s gutters.
  • Check for failures in earlier repairs.

A Guide to Selecting a Roofing Service Provider

Once you have created a maintenance strategy, choosing the best roofer to conduct it is critical. A few crucial factors should be considered when selecting a roofing service provider to ensure you receive the best value for your money. Consider the following inquiries for yourself:

Have they produced quality work in the past? References? Are they qualified? Do they employ safe working procedures? Do they have established quality control procedures and the appropriate certifications? How well-versed are they in the goods or services they offer?

Why First Class Roofing?

Read the many testimonials we have accumulated to discover why First Class Roofing is the best option for your company’s roofing requirements. Our superb craftsmanship and ethical business practices have built an outstanding reputation throughout Ohio. There are non-prorated warranties included with all services and goods.

Additionally, we have established ourselves as a top roofing company after years of offering our customers top-notch services. We look after our clients while providing first-rate services for unbelievably reasonable prices. Your roofs will be inspected, installed, and fixed by our highly skilled personnel, who will also make your time with us worthwhile. You won’t have to worry about anything when dealing with us because we will offer your roofing needs our complete attention.

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If you reside in Norwalk, Ohio and are looking for roof maintenance, don’t hesitate to call First Class Roofing! Just dial us at 888-699-9321, and we will take care of you.

Roof Maintenance Should Be Your Top Priority!

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

No matter how strong or sturdy you make your roof, it is always going to experience wear and tear. This is why roof maintenance is crucial, no matter what type of roof you have installed. Although it is essential, we often have trouble getting it done because it is difficult to find the perfect roofing service for you. However, if you’re in Elyria, Ohio, First Class Roofing has got you covered. Give us a call at (888) 699-9321 and leave the rest to us.

How to maintain a roof?

Maintaining your roof might seem complicated, but that’s far from the truth. Here are some of the multiple ways one can carry this out with ease:

  • Check for moss, mold, moss, or algae, and remove it as soon as you spot it. If it keeps coming back, it might indicate water damage.
  • Ensure that all gutters are unclogged so that water doesn’t stay in one area for too long and cause underlying damage.
  • Look at the shingles and point out any anomalies that might need to be taken care of. It is ideal to do this once a year, especially after months of harsh weather.

Although this seems simple enough, it is best to leave it to the professionals. This is because they have spent years learning the process and practicing it to perfection. They will ensure that your roof is always in good shape.

When should a roof be maintained?

It is ideal to get an inspection every once in a while so that your roofing contractor is aware of possible damage. However, there are a few signs that could indicate the immediate need for maintenance. Some of them are as follows:

  • It has not been inspected for over a year.
  • Shingles seem to be curving or cracking.
  • any signs of water damage. This includes the growth of mold, pooling of water, or drippage.
  • Any cracks or tears, even on the surface, should be a cause for concern.

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You will have to care for every kind of roof just like the rest of the building. Roof maintenance is key to improving the life of your roof, so it is best if you cater to it every once in a while. If you’re in Elyria, Ohio, you can rely on First Class Roofing to get things done. Call us at (888) 699-9321 today to find out more.

Roof Maintenance – Fremont, OH

Sunday, July 17th, 2022

Most owners forget about their roof the day they get it installed or replaced. To get the most out of your roofing system, keeping a check on your roofing system is crucial for any roofing system. Roof maintenance services are one easy way to keep track of the health of your roofing system.

First Class Roofing is proud to be one of the leading roofing companies in all of Ohio. Our company’s consumer-centric and efficient approach to your roofing problems has proven successful in providing the best possible service. Roof maintenance services are one of the many services we offer. To learn more about our work in Fremont, Ohio, call us at 888-699-9321.

What is roof maintenance?

There is no doubt that fixing a roofing system is not a job for a layperson. Surveying or even cleaning a roof requires technical knowledge that only professional roofers from a roofing contractor have. Roof maintenance services are professional services from roofing companies that include all sorts of small roof-care activities that help maintain or extend the useful life of a roofing system.

A typical roof maintenance service includes roof inspection, basic and essential repairs, gutter cleaning, debris cleaning, and mold removal. Roof shingles are also one of the focus points during a roof inspection. Besides this, roof maintenance also includes checking for leaks and existing patches.

When a roofer comes over for roof maintenance, you should talk and share information about your roof. Maintenance becomes exponentially more effective and valuable when you know the parts that are most likely to cause problems.

Why hire First Class Roofing?

First Class Roofing has been offering professional commercial roofing services to the people of Ohio for almost a decade. The workers and technicians at First Class Roofing are known to be efficient and creative in solving roofing problems for their customers. We ensure that each of our roofers is rigorously trained in cost-effective and eco-friendly methods of roofing operations. Thanks to our dedication and innovation, First Class Roofing has been a recipient of the honorary award from Conklin Master Contractor. We are also certified by ENERGY STAR for our energy-conserving services.

Besides roof maintenance services, we also offer roof repairs, coatings, and replacements for several kinds of roofs, like metal roofs, single-ply roofs, flat roofs, etc.

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To hire First Class Roofing for a roof maintenance service for your property in Fremont, Ohio, you should call us at 888-699-9321. Our customer care representatives will help you with whatever little help you need.

Roof Maintenance – Tiffin, OH

Thursday, May 19th, 2022

A commercial roof is an expansive investment on your part, and in order to get the most out of it, it must be handled with the proper upkeep. As a commercial building owner in Tiffin, OH, First Class Roofing can offer you detailed roof maintenance plans at affordable rates. Whether we talk about regular roof inspections or a comprehensive roof coating, our maintenance plans feature everything to keep your roof on track. For further information, feel free to get in touch with us at any time at 888-699-9321!

An In-Depth Roof Inspection Service

When it comes to roof maintenance, it is hard not to mention a roof inspection. At First Class Roofing, we offer you a detailed and free-of-charge roof inspection service. Regardless of the immensity or nature of your roofing project, our craftsmen always commence with an in-depth scrutiny of your roof, going over every single inch of your roof. As soon as they are done with that, they utilize their assessment and vast expertise in the construction industry to recommend the right solutions.

Roofing Services

It is natural for a roof to incur damage with the passage of time. Nonetheless, the way you handle those damages defines how long your roof will continue providing undisputed safety. Our seasoned roofers can conduct high-quality roof repairs and roof coating services to put you back on the pathway to success.

Local Roofing Contractors

The seasoned roofers of First Class Roofing have been keeping the commercial roofs maintained in the state of Ohio for nearly one and a half decades. Irrespective of the job they are assigned, they are sure to display top-grade craftsmanship. From the onset to the conclusion of your roofing project, they keep you in the loop, answering your questions and making sure that the output aligns with your expectations.

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Are you looking for a top-notch roofing company to keep your commercial roof in Tiffin, OH, maintained? Well, then First Class Roofing is your choice. Our craftsmen are known to deploy state-of-the-art methods for the upkeep of your roof so that it stays in a sound state for its supposed lifespan. Get in touch with us now at 888-699-9321 to learn more!

Roof Maintenance Programs – Mansfield, OH

Saturday, March 12th, 2022

First Class Roofing is capable of providing a wide variety of roof solutions for the people of Mansfield, OH. When you need a company that can offer quality roof maintenance, get in touch with us today at (888) 699-9321. Our experienced roofing specialists will have your commercial roof back in great condition in no time!

Thorough Roof Inspections

At First Class Roofing, our craftsmen pay attention to all of the details to learn as much as possible about your roof and any existing or developing issues. Regular check-ins from our experienced team will help you get the most out of your investment in a roof system. This means a roof that lasts longer, requires fewer major repairs, and will keep your building and the property it protects from the elements!

Storm Damage Experts

A storm can badly damage an otherwise solid roof system in a matter of seconds. At First Class Roofing, we are accustomed to dealing with the aftermath of a storm. Our roofing specialists have years of storm damage repair experience and can help get your roof system back in great condition. The sooner you get in touch with our team, the faster we can reverse the damage and prevent more from occurring.

Exceptional customer support

There are a ton of things to think about before you choose a construction company for a project. Certainly, the quality of craftsmanship that they are known for providing is high on that list. Another x-factor is the quality of the customer support that they provide. At First Class Roofing, our customers can always expect professionalism, honesty, and quick responses from us, as well as quick service.

Call us today!

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Setting up a roof inspection from a reputable roofing company like First Class Roofing will allow our experts to have a look at the areas of your roof that could use a bit of work. With our team providing roof maintenance, it will be ready to last for years to come! Our company is the top choice for those in Mansfield, OH; call us at (888) 699-9321 for more info!

Roof Maintenance – Reynoldsburg, OH

Monday, November 1st, 2021


Maintaining the roof is essential to the safety and security of your property. It’s impossible to overstate the value of properly caring for your building’s most valuable asset. Poor upkeep or an aging roof is often to blame for the issues. A roof assessment can help you evaluate whether or not your property needs any repair work done. If you wait too long to get one, you may be surprised by the extent of the damage that needs to be repaired. If you are from Reynoldsburg, OH, and need more information, then contact First Class Roofing at 888-699-9321.

Why is roof maintenance extremely important? 

Roofing repairs can be expensive and time-consuming. Regular maintenance checks, on the other hand, will ensure that your roof lasts as long as intended, if not longer. This will also save you from any premature roof replacements which end up costing a lot of time, money and effort as well. Don’t let your gutters fall into disrepair, which can lead to premature shingle replacement, by using gutter cleaning services. 

If a roof isn’t correctly placed, it’s susceptible to problems, regardless of how old it is. In order to prevent this from happening again, a roofing company will help locate the source of your problem and provide you with a solution before it gets any worse. Make sure to get your roof checked out on a regular basis so that minor issues may be fixed before they become major ones. This will help your roof remain healthy and strong for a longer amount of time than it otherwise would. The longer you wait to fix your roof, the more money you’ll end up spending. If a small issue is ignored, it can grow into something much more significant, and if it is not addressed quickly, it may need the replacement of the entire building, which might lead to serious implications. Because you’re repairing what’s broken now rather than waiting for substantial damage to develop, regular maintenance on an existing building can help reduce those risks. 


A building’s durability, beauty, and curb appeal are all impacted by how well you take care of your roof. Not only is it a good idea to have it checked out by a professional company like First Class Roofing on a regular basis to ensure that everything is in good working order but you should have properly scheduled roof inspections as part of your roof maintenance plan. When it comes to roof maintenance, it’s not just about saving money and finding defects; it’s also about beautifying your building as well. If you are from Reynoldsburg, OH, and need more information, then contact the highly trained and experienced experts at First Class Roofing at 888-699-9321 who would be more than happy to help.

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