Metal Roof Coatings – Ohio

Metal roofs endure the relentless battle against rust, a constant concern for building owners. Despite the perks like easy installation and cost-effectiveness, rust remains an ever-looming threat. If you find your metal roof succumbing to rust, fear not! Explore the transformative metal roof coating process offered by First Class Roofing. Our specialized coatings not only halt leaks and rust but also breathe new life into your building’s roof, significantly enhancing its energy efficiency. Instead of resorting to a costly replacement, let First Class Roofing revive and safeguard your commercial metal roof!

The First Class Roofing Process: A Commitment to Excellence

Our meticulous approach begins with a comprehensive inspection, leaving no screw, seam, or sheet unchecked for signs of rust or leaks. Following this thorough assessment and any necessary restoration work, we proceed to apply a new surface to your roof.

Our innovative system eschews the need for labor-intensive repairs or removals. Instead, we focus on coating or recoating panels, saving you both time and money on labor costs and the disposal of existing materials. Our dependable process comprises four key steps: treating existing rust, applying a rust-inhibiting primer, reinforcing fasteners and seams prone to leaks, and finally, sealing the entire roof with a durable topcoat boasting an ENERGY STAR rating.

With an unwavering commitment to exceptional workmanship and premium products, we proudly offer warranties covering 100% of labor costs for added peace of mind.

Experience the Benefits of Conklin® Metal Roof Coating Products

Central to our success is the utilization of Conklin® roofing products, renowned for their reliability and efficacy in combating common metal roof issues. With over 45 years of industry presence, Conklin® delivers tailored solutions addressing key challenges commercial metal roofs face.

From inevitable rust to pesky leaks and excessive heat conductivity, Conklin’s innovative coatings offer comprehensive protection and performance. The anti-rust primer layer shields the metal roof from future corrosion, while seamless coatings effectively seal every crevice, ensuring watertight integrity. Moreover, the reflective properties of the white topcoat mitigate heat absorption, resulting in substantial savings on cooling costs.

Unlock the Advantages of Metal Roof Restoration

Embrace the benefits of restoring your commercial metal roof, a superior alternative to premature replacements. Consider the following advantages before committing to a costly tear-off and replacement:

Minimal disruption to business operations during restoration, eliminating the need for temporary closures.

Avoidance of exorbitant landfill fees and disposal costs associated with roof replacements.

Cost-effectiveness stemming from reduced material expenses and shorter project durations.

Substantial savings on labor costs due to the streamlined restoration process.

In contrast to conventional repair or replacement methods, our approach prioritizes coating or recoating panels, offering unparalleled efficiency and affordability. Backed by non-prorated warranties, our durable metal roof systems provide enduring protection, ensuring decades of reliable performance.

Trusted Metal Roofing Services in Ohio

At First Class Roofing, we exclusively implement Conklin Roofing Systems, guaranteeing superior craftsmanship and product excellence for your metal roof. We serve Ohio cities such as Mansfield, Marion, Ontario, Shelby, and beyond- bringing over 25 years of expertise to address your commercial metal roofing needs.

For personalized consultations or to schedule a complimentary on-site inspection, contact us today at 866-699-9321 or text 419-564-6547.

Let us transform your metal roof into a durable, energy-efficient asset that stands the test of time!