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To keep your commercial roof in optimal condition and maximize the return on your roofing investment, it is vital to have regular commercial roof inspection services. First Class Roofing provides comprehensive commercial roof inspections for owners and property managers in the Wooster, OH region.

With over 15+ years in the roofing industry, we have the knowledge and experience to identify the underlying cause of roof leaks, find and repair damage, and keep your commercial roof in the prime condition you deserve. Call us today at 888-699-9321 to learn more and schedule your commercial roof inspection.

Detailed Commercial Roof Inspection Services

A roof inspection entails more than just walking around and looking at the roof. A comprehensive inspection includes an assessment of the flashings, protrusions, drainage system and all portions of the entire roofing system.

Not all damage is immediately visible to the untrained eye. Our experience allows us to see the symptoms of damage, then backtrack back to identify the actual cause.  Only in this fashion can repairs be completed and the leak fully stopped.

After inspection, you will receive detailed documentation, outlining our findings (including pictures) and recommendations for the most cost-effective solutions to be taken.

Not all damage is repairable. Depending on extent, a roof restoration or even roof replacement may be the fiscally responsible step to take. Working with our expert guidance, we will ensure your decision is in the best interest of both your business and commercial building.

Effective Services

An inspection without remedy is a waste of time. Once damage is identified, it is crucial that the solution(s) are implemented in a timely manner. Damage simply doesn’t improve with time. Delayed, the damage will spread, resulting in more costly remedies down the road.

First Class Roofing is proud to offer high-quality workmanship, premium materials, and unrivaled customer service on all our projects. There is a reason First Class Roofing is well-known as the premier commercial roofing contractor in the Ohio area.

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If you would like your Wooster, OH area commercial building to benefit from a thorough, comprehensive roof inspection from our professionals, call First Class Roofing today at 888-699-9321. We would be honored to work with you in ensuring the protection of your commercial building asset.