Commercial Roof Repair OH

commercial-roof-repair-ohThere are roofing contractors out there that have proficiency in servicing both commercial and residential buildings—but take care when choosing someone to work on your facility to make certain they truly have commercial expertise. Fortunately, for those in Ohio, a commercial roof repair is nothing to fret with First Class Roofing at the helm. 

There is a broad gap between the knowledge and experience needed to perform roofing work for a home compared with performing roofing work for a commercial building, and hiring someone to work on your commercial roof when their expertise lies in residential roofing can lead to disastrous results—something the team at First Class Roofing has seen time and again.

Flat roofs, for example, which are found atop many commercial buildings, are a totally different animal from a pitched, shingled roof on a home, and installation and maintenance of a commercial flat roof requires specialized knowledge and experience. A specially trained commercial roofing contractor will know what to look for when inspecting a commercial roof and performing commercial roof repair, understanding common problems and what it takes to approach them. Hiring a roofer who is inexperienced in commercial work can not only lead to improper workmanship and eventual problems, but it can invalidate your roof warranty.

For quality commercial roofing services offered throughout the state of Ohio, look no further than First Class Roofing. We are dedicated to being Ohio’s very best commercial roofing company, providing our valued customers with a variety of prime benefits. Give us a call today, 888-699-9321, discover the First Class difference for yourself!

Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

When selecting a roofing contractor to work on your commercial or industrial building, you can’t be too choosy. Hiring the right roofing company—one that is dependable and performs quality work—is a pivotal decision not to be taken lightly.

As something that represents such a huge investment and performs such a key role in protecting your building and its contents, your commercial roof is one of the most, if not the most, important assets of your building. Letting someone work on it who doesn’t have the proper expertise can only lead to headaches and expensive problems down the road.

When hiring a commercial roofing contractor, you should first gain favorable answers to the following key questions:

• Are they properly licensed and insured?
• Do they have a good track record with customers?
• Are the company’s technicians professionally trained?
• Do they have extensive commercial roofing experience?
• Do they have membership in and endorsements from top industry associations?
• Do they offer non-prorated warranties?
• Do they use best safety practices?
• Are they certified by the manufacturer whose products they use?
• Do they guarantee the work they perform?

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When you work with First Class Roofing, these and other important questions are met with a resounding “Yes!” Not only do we bring more than 15 years of relevant experience to the table, but we have an outstanding reputation, are fully licensed and insured, offer non-prorated warranty options and are proud to be an endorsed member of the Choice Roof Contractor Group. Through this trusted, nationwide professional roofing association, we are able to ensure that our customers will always have the services of a trusted CRCG member available to them should we ever close our doors or move our operations elsewhere. This is a refreshing difference from what so many have experienced working with roofers—a contractor who is here today, gone tomorrow and does not stick around to back up their work.

Call on a Trusted Team

For all of your commercial roofing needs, First Class Roofing is your top choice among Ohio roofers. Give us a call today at 888-699-9321 to schedule a free, no-obligation roofing estimate on any commercial roof repair or service you may need.