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Conklin Roofing is a producer of roofing systems with an emphasis on client cost savings and energy efficiency. Institutional, industrial, and commercial roof coatings serve as the de facto standard. We are licensed commercial roofing contractors who deal with Conklin products. Our coatings and roofing solutions cut energy use, which lowers utility costs and balances out the cost of the systems. For a very long time, you will be safeguarded. Conklin roofing often only requires minor repairs over time, and when that occurs, we’re delighted to help.

If you’re in Elyria, Ohio, and you’re seeking Conklin roofing, the specialists at First Class Roofing can assist you in this situation. Examine the benefits given below to learn more about this service. Call us at 888-699-9321 if you’d like to visit with one of our experienced roofers immediately.


  • It is remarkably sustainable. Conklin Roof Coatings are very long-lasting. They remain usable up to ten years after installation, and the coating can be expertly restored. This means that the life of your roof can be continuously increased and protected. If your roof doesn’t have an efficient Conklin coating, frequent leaks, heat damage, and normal wear and tear could cause it to need to be replaced.
  • It is considerate of the environment. Conklin roof coatings use a water-based top coating, which reduces their emission of volatile organic compounds. Consider the case if your roof is uncoated as well. The only option left to you in that situation is to replace it, which produces waste that will most likely end up in a landfill. Conklin Metal Roof Coating can drastically reduce your company’s dependency on fossil fuels by making your roof more reflective and reducing cooling expenses. Conklin’s commercial roof coatings can help you cut waste and retain a commitment to environmentally friendly business methods.
  • It lowers your cooling expenses. Reflection has advantages for you individually, your team, and your inventory. A building must be kept at the ideal temperature for the equipment’s longevity and the occupants’ comfort. Less heat enters the building through the metal roof due to the Conklin Metal Roof coating, lowering the requirement for cooling and air conditioning to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

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