Defend Your Roof with Roof Coating!

Roof Coating1

When a commercial roof coating is needed, the roof restoration professionals at First Class Roofing have you covered! A roof coating from our experienced team will lead to your roof lasting much longer. To have your roof in the Lexington, OH area restored, contact our team today at 888-699-9321.

Roof Leak Detection

If you are looking for roofing companies that provide roof coatings, it is likely because your commercial roof has been leaking. A roof coating can seal up roof leaks, and you can depend on the roofers at First Class Roofing for thorough roof leak detection. We’ll locate your commercial roof issues so that all problems will be addressed by our experts!

Benefits Of a New Roof Coating

Roof Coating

A roof coating will leave a commercial roof seamlessly protected from the elements. This thin, watertight layer is applied via spray gun for smooth and even protection. A roof coating will help your commercial roof last several years longer. Plus, the reflective roof coatings that First Class Roofing provides lower the utility costs of commercial buildings!

A roof coating is often used to prevent an early roof replacement. With the assistance of roof coating, you can put the need for a brand-new roof into the distant future. This helps you get more from your current system, saving you money on your commercial building in the long run!

About Our Company

First Class Roofing is a difficult roofing company to compete with because we focus on being the best in every aspect of commercial roofing. This includes pricing, customer support, and craftsmanship. There is a reason we have a solid reputation in the state of Ohio — our work speaks for itself!

Top Quality Roofing Products

At First Class Roofing, we’re careful about the products we use. Our roofing specialists have been around long enough to know what products work, and which ones are risky to use. This is why we stick to proven manufacturers like American WeatherStar. With our level of craftsmanship and our usage of only the best roofing products, we are able to set business owners up with lasting roof systems!

Call Us Today!

Restoring a commercial roof with a roof coating is second nature to the roofers at First Class Roofing. We have years of experience restoring commercial roofs and we will leave your commercial roof in superior condition. For a quote on roof coating in the Lexington, OH area, you can reach our team today at 888-699-9321.