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Flat Roof Coating – Mount Vernon, OH

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A flat roof coating is a great way to protect your commercial property. A coating provides a layer of protection against the elements and can also extend the lifespan of your roof. However, weather plays a critical role in the application and effectiveness of flat roof coatings. Contact our team at First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH for a free estimate. Call us today at 888-699-9321, and our team will be more than happy to help!

Factors to Consider


Temperature is an important factor when it comes to flat roof coatings. The ideal temperature for application is between 50°F and 90°F. If the temperature is too hot or too cold, it can affect the adhesion and curing of the coating, leading to suboptimal results. Therefore, it’s important to choose a time when the temperature is within this range for the best outcome.


Flat Roof Coating

Humidity can also have an effect on the application of your flat roof coating. Excessive humidity can cause the coating to dry more slowly, resulting in a longer cure time and lower effectiveness. It is critical to select a day with low humidity for best results.


Wind can also impact your flat roof coating. Strong winds can cause the coating to blow around, making it difficult to apply evenly. This can lead to an uneven coating, which reduces its effectiveness. It’s important to choose a day when the winds are calm or moderate.


When it comes to your coating, rain can also be a major issue. Wet or damp coatings can interfere with the adherence and curing. As a result, it is critical to apply the coating at least 24 hours after any precipitation.

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Weather can play a crucial role in the effectiveness of your flat roof coating. Choosing the right time to apply the coating can ensure the best outcomes and extend the lifespan of your roof.

At First Class Roofing in Mount Vernon, OH, our experienced team can help you determine the best time to apply your flat roof coating. We’ll ensure your roof is protected against the elements! Call us today at 888-699-9321 to get started.

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