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Regardless of how substantial of an investment your commercial flat roof is, just like every other roof, it is susceptible to damage. At one point or the other, you will need to have it replaced with a brand-new roof.

However, if you follow a skillfully-crafted maintenance plan, you can get the best out of your existing roof. One of the best ways you can maintain a flat roof is by having a coating installed on its top. If you are a commercial building owner in Reynoldsburg, OH, for flat roof coating professionals, you have no better option than First Class Roofing. Our roofing crew is composed of fully trained and insured roofers, who can look after your roof with utmost care. Contact us at (888) 699-9321 for more details!

Solutions That Work for You

The reason a roof coating should be your go-to option in the case of a vulnerable roof is the fact that it costs nearly half as a roof replacement, and its installation is quicker, saving you time and money.

While a roof replacement project may require you to keep your business on hold for the course of its duration, a roof coating is quite easy to install, meaning that you get to continue your business without any interruption. Additionally, the reflective property of a roof coating prevents your roof from absorbing as much sunlight. As a result, your commercial premises remain at low temperature and the pressure on the HVAC system is reduced.

Why Choose Us?

At First Class Roofing, our expert team is fully aware of the fact that a roof replacement can often put pressure on the pockets of their valued customers, which makes them bring feasible and affordable solutions, such as roof coatings, into the fold. They have experience of 15+ years and over time, they have acquired the status of top-rated roofers in Ohio. So, you can rest easy knowing that a flawless job will be conducted on your flat roof.

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If you are a commercial building owner in Reynoldsburg, OH who wants to have a coating applied over his/her flat roof, First Class Roofing is your choice. Just give us a call any time at (888) 699-9321 to request your free estimate.