Flat Roof Repair Bucyrus, Ohio

flat-roof-repair-bucyrus-ohioIf you feel your flat roof does not function as it should, or have noticed some trouble areas don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We have a long list of repair solutions for commercial flat roofs and we would happily repair and improve yours.

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Proper Flat Roof Drainage

A common issue for commercial flat roofs is ponding water. Whether it is because of improper design, installation or previous damage, having standing water on your roof can cause extensive issues. This is why having proper drainage for your roof is so important.

There are three main types of drainage systems available. They include the following:

Gutters: Gutters are an obvious drainage system. They are attached to the exterior of your building along roof lines and down the sides. Typically, gutters are the most popular drainage system because they are efficient, cost effective and your roof does not need to be modified to accommodate them. Regular debris removal is necessary to ensure your gutters continue to properly function.
Interior Drains: This system is made up of drains that are placed in strategic locations near the center of your roof. The drains work with a network of internal gutters and pipes that remove the water from the center of your roof to the exterior of your building. Most of the time these drains are topped with filters to deter debris from entering your drainage system. Another great aspect interior drains offer is the visual appeal of them being hidden by your roof.

Scuppers: These are outlets that are placed on the edge of your roofing system. They project the water off of your roof and away from your building’s walls and foundation. Scuppers are more cost effective than inner drains which makes them a popular choice. That being said, they are much more efficient when water is directed to them.

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Finding a drainage system that works best for your building is important. Drainage systems protect your roofing investment. If you have a commercial property located in Bucyrus, Ohio we would be happy to discuss the different drainage systems and find the right one for your facility. Having the proper drainage system can help reduce the amount of flat roof repairs needed for your roof.

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