Flat Roof Repair Findlay, OH

flat-roof-repair-findlay-ohThe struggles associated with flat roofs aren’t as bad as they seem. In fact having a flat roof is the greatest roof you can possibly have for multiple reasons. The team at First Class Roofing will always be glad to help any way they can. Call us today at (888)-699-9321 and you will get a free roof estimate.

Flat Roof Services

By the day more and more flat roofs are being installed on commercial buildings. This doesn’t make them different from the many other types of roofs meaning that they still need correct maintenance to stay in their best form. A few signs that tell you your roof needs repairs are:

  • Leaks are coming from nowhere
  • Your electricity bills have started to rise at a disturbing rate
  • Or you are noticing some ponding water

Lots of people will rush into getting their roof repaired when it will only do harm.

Roof Coatings

flat-roof-repair-findlay-ohioOne of the best ways to get your roof sealed is to get a roof coating. Our coatings allow you to get more from your existing roof. With summer starting, a great way to make sure that your roof will survive is to get a coating. Our team will only use the roofing products from Conklin Roofing Products. We use their products because they all come with a warranty.

Roof Inspections

We always tell our clients to have their roof inspected at least 2 times a year. By doing this it lets our team know what is happening. This also allows them to solve any issues before they become detrimental and cost you lots of money.

Does Your Roof Need A Free Estimate?

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If you are dealing with anything listed above and would prefer our team look at it, feel free to contact us at (888)-699-9321. When you call us you will be met with our kind customer service. They will help in setting up a time for our team to swing by. When our crew takes a look they will do a very thorough inspection. Afterwards they will tell you their honest opinion.