Flat Roof Repair – Lima, OH

Many commercial roofs have low slopes and require flat roof installation. There are many excellent types of flat roofs out there. Here at First Class Roofing, we work on all sorts of commercial flat roofs in Lima, OH. For a flat roof repair done right, speak with us today by giving us a call at (888) 699-9321.

Flat Roof Repair Needs

flat-roof-repair-lima-oh 1Leaks on low slope roofs can be difficult to locate because water can travel unpredictably on flat surfaces. This means that the area that water is leaking from may not be the area that water is getting in from. The challenge becomes finding the cause of the leak so that it can be repaired. Many roofs are replaced prematurely because inexperienced roofing contractors fail to detect flat roof leaks properly.

The team at First Class Roofing, on the other hand, has loads of experience finding and repairing flat roof issues. When we have a look at a roof, we check everything including its seams, flashing, and overall condition. With our roofing specialists on the job, your flat roof will be good to go for several years longer.

Longer-Lasting Roofs

flat-roof-repair-lima-ohio 2With First Class Roofing, your roof will be kept in solid condition with thorough roof inspections and effective roof maintenance. We often restore flat roofs with roof coatings to keep them watertight. A roof coating is a thin protective membrane that provides a flat roof seamless protection.

With a newly restored roof, you could be looking at an additional 10+ leak-free years. When you use roof coatings to restore flat roofs, you won’t need to pay for as many costly flat roof replacements. Plus, the roof coatings used at First Class Roofing are ENERGY STAR® certified and can save you a significant amount on energy costs that are associated with cooling your building.

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When a commercial building in Lima, OH has a leaking flat roof, First Class Roofing is the top choice to handle the flat roof repair. We also maintain, restore, and replace commercial roofs at excellent prices. For the top roofing experts around, reach out to our team today at (888) 699-9321 and we will be over shortly after to have a look at your roof.