Flat Roof Repair Mansfield, OH

Flat-roof-repair-mansfield-ohDo you need flat roof repair services in the Mansfield, OH area? There are a number of common issues faced by flat roofs including:

  • Leaks & ponding water
  • Cracks & blisters
  • Blow-offs & uplifts
  • Billowing & punctures
  • Alligator cracks
  • Bubbling
  • And others

One of the most common of these issues – and perhaps the one you are facing today – is flat roof leaks.

Flat Roof Repair Needs: One Big Cause

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Flat roofs of all types – modified bitumen, TPO, PVC, EPDM rubber, hot tar, and built-up roofing, for instance – have pitches that aren’t as steep as other roofing systems. Because of this, flat roofs often suffer from ponding water on the surface.

Over time, this can lead to moisture build-up under your roof’s membrane. It’s an issue that commonly leads to trouble such as mold spores developing. Poor drainage design can often be the cause of this pooling water.

If this is happening to you, the best approach is to call the pros at First Class Roofing today, before the problem worsens. Flat roof repair needs only get worse with time. Don’t let small problems lead to water damage inside your roof structure, or worse, inside your building’s work space.

Flat Roof Repair Solutions

Flat-roof-repair-service-mansfield-ohWhen you call First Class Roofing, every inch and aspect of your commercial roof will be thoroughly examined. If your flat roof requires minimal repair work, we will offer and perform just that. For more intensive flat roof repair projects, we use industry-trusted Conklin® roofing products.

With the application of these fluid-applied products, your flat roof’s current issues will be addressed. Your flat roof will also be fortified with a new membrane which is completely seamless and waterproof. With these more intensive services, First Class Roofing ensures:

  • The finest workmanship for your commercial flat roof
  • Superior roof performance provided by Conklin® products
  • Strong A/C cost saving potential with Conklin® roofing’s white, reflective surfaces

Flat Roof Repair Benefits

Flat-roof-repair-mansfield-ohioIf your flat roof is too far gone for a repair, we will let you know as we never recommend investing in a failing roof. A flat roof restoration is what’s in order. When you choose First Class Roofing for this need, you can count on receiving:

  • ENERGY STAR® certified products
  • Strong protection against hailstorms, severe winds, UV degradation, fire & more
  • Roof with restored performance & extended lifespan
  • Avoiding expensive roof tear-off costs
  • A roof surface that reflects up to 85% of sun’s rays
  • Up to 30% annual savings on cooling costs
  • Optional, non-prorated warranty coverage for up to 18 years

Flat Roof Repair Experts

First Class Roofing is a name you can trust. Owner William Keim has over 15 years of related experience. Whether your flat roof requires small, localized repairs or more comprehensive roofing work, our team can help. We will help you determine the best solution for your flat roof repair requirements.

Call us today at 888-699-9321 to request a no-cost, professional roof inspection.