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flat-roof-replacement-lakewood-ohAt First Class Roofing, we make it our priority to deliver high-quality commercial roofing products that will perform reliably long as possible. However, the time comes for all commercial roofs when replacement becomes necessary. After decades of exposure to weather, climate, and human factors, all roofs and eventually need to be replaced – and that time comes sooner with improper maintenance or faulty installation.

First Class Roofing is Lakewood, Ohio’s premier commercial roofing contractor, performing roof tear offs, replacements, and new installs for over 15 years now. When you hire First Class Roofing to replace your worn out flat roof, you can rest easy knowing you receive the most efficient and highest quality workmanship available anywhere. Call (888) 699-9321 today to have one of our expert technicians address your commercial roof replacement needs and concerns.

Signs Your Flat Roof May Need To Be Replaced

The First Class Roofing Difference

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Having the roof of your commercial building replaced is not something building owners or facility managers should take lightly. It is a long, expensive, decision-filled process. Knowing the signs and being prepared to replace your commercial roof long before you actually need to can help you plan ahead. Here are some things to look for that may indicate repairs are needed and roof replacement may be imminent:

  • Signs of water infiltration: Look for elevated humidity, loose flashings, mold and vegetation growth, bubbles in the membrane, stains or dark spots on interior ceilings and walls.
  • Increases in utility bills: May indicate loss of insulation value or damages that are causing air leaks.
  • Deteriorating roof support: Indicated by dips, low spots, and standing water on the roof more than three days after a rain storm.
  • Failing seams: Look for loose fasteners or movement in the membrane with wind.

As a general rule of thumb, it damages are spread across 30% or more of your roof, or if your roof is reaching the end of its warranty service life, you may want to consider replacement.

Superior Attention To Detail

flat-roof-replacement-lakewood-ohioIf a careful inspection of your flat roof by one of First Class Roofing’s qualified technicians leads us to suggest that roof replacement is, indeed, your best option, we will guide you through every step of the process, carefully listening to your concerns, needs, and goals throughout.

Replacing your roof can be viewed as an opportunity to research and select the roof system that is best for your long- and short-term needs. At First Class Roofing, we’ve installed everything from asphalt and built up roofs to single-ply membranes: PVC, TPO, and rubber. We also specialize in innovative “cool roof” coatings that can be applied to reinforce your new flat roof. With First Class Roofing, your options are endless!

Proud Member of Choice Roof Contractor Group

First Class Roofing is a proud member of Choice Roof Contractor Group. We also partner with the Better Business Bureau, Conklin Roofing Systems, and the Cool Roof Rating Council.

This means when you hire First Class Roofing to replace your commercial roof, you are working with a company that is staffed with fully trained and certified roofing contractors. We’ll provide you with high quality, deadline driven, courteous service, backed by reliable guarantees and premium products. Furthermore, we can guarantee that the people working on your project are knowledgeable in the safety requirements, materials, and techniques for your unique roof replacement job.

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First Class Roofing can replace your flat roof, no matter what type of roof you already have installed and no matter what type of roof you want installed. Hire us to receive the following roof replacement benefits:

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