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When you are facing a flat roof replacement for your Marion, OH facility, it is paramount to work with a professional contractor. One of the main reasons for this is because there is a startling industry statistic. Commercial roofs are regularly replaced prematurely, up to 80% of the time! When you are talking about such an expensive asset as your commercial roof, you want to work with a company that is here for what is best for you, not what is best for their pocketbook. That is why at First Class Roofing, you can always count on us to provide reliable options for your flat roof. If a replacement is necessary, we will be sure to tell you. However, if you can get new life out of your roof with a coating, we will always suggest that first.

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Flat Roof Replacement Options


If your roof truly does need to be replaced, we’ll be sure to provide you with different options to help you evaluate what you are needing in your new system. We have a vast amount of roofing solutions, each with there own benefits, which can help you and your unique system. When you have our team inspect your facility, we will ask questions like what the goals are for your new roof, what your budget is, if you’re looking for energy efficiency, and more. We will then provide you with options that fit what you are looking for.

The most common, and most popular, flat roof systems on the market are the single-ply roofing systems. These include:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC

Depending on your needs and budget, we’ll guide you to the right choice for your flat roof replacement.

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At First Class Roofing, we are here to provide you with superior roofing solutions. We’ve been servicing business owners and property managers of Marion, OH for the last 25 years and would be honored to work alongside you.

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