Flat Roof Replacement Orrville, OH

Roof Replacement: Sometimes Unavoidable


The surest sign of roofs needing replacement is repetitive repairs to fix the same issue. Being well aware of the immense cost involved in flat roof replacement, First Class Roofing recommends replacement only when repairs will be more expensive over the longer term. First Class Roofing provides all types of flat roof replacement in Orrville, OH. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 and our skilled professionals will conduct a free and thorough inspection to check if your roof really needs a replacement or if repairs and restoration are enough.

Roofs are built to last, but nothing lasts forever. Even with exemplary roofing materials, skilled workmanship, and excellent maintenance practices, your roof will need a replacement one day. Good maintenance will postpone this day and minimize your expenses in the meantime.

In order to deal with roofing emergencies, we have set up an emergency hotline at 419-564-6547. After all, a pesky roof is a huge nuisance for everyone under it and everyone is better off having it fixed quickly.

First Class Roofing: The Replacement Specialist

Powerful signs of that your commercial flat roof needs replacements include:

• Bubbles or Blisters arise from moisture trapped in roof’s foundation and indicate a decomposing roof system
• Extensive Damage means repairs will be more expensive in the long term
• Prolonged Pooling or Repetitive Leaks indicates moisture has penetrated to your roof’s foundation
• Missing or Buckled Shingles in case of shingled roofs
• Sunlight in the Attic suggests your roof is exhausted

There are two factors that determine how effective flat roof replacement is, quality of roofing material and workmanship. When you call First Class Roofing at (888) 699-9321, you get:

• Over 15 years experience
• Highly skilled workmanship
• Premium-grade Conklin roofing products
• Quality warranties


The Conklin products we use:

• Successfully protect 2+ billion square feet roofing over the country
• Form a seamless membrane over the roof that protects against leaks, harsh weather, fire, impact, insects, mildew, and vermin
• Cut A/C energy bills by as much as 30% by reflecting up to 85% sunrays
• Offer 100% material and labor guarantees for a maximum of 20 years
• Face warranty claims in only 0.25% cases

First Class Roofing recommends Conklin’s Flexion Single-Ply Roofing System for flat roof replacement because is suited for the peculiar weather of the Midwest. This roofing system offers:

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• DuPont® and Elvaloy® fortification for high flexibility, durability, and toughness
• Resists leaks, severe weather, discoloration, and dirt
• FM I-90 wind resistance to withstand hurricane force winds
• FM and UL Class A fire resistance
• Up to 25% reduction in A/C energy costs
• Certification from major code approval agencies
• 20-year renewable warranty
• Performance in all seasons

Maximizing Replacement Benefits

When flat roof replacement in Orrville, OH becomes unavoidable, call First Class Roofing at (888) 699-9321. We will ensure that your roof lasts.