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If you are running a commercial business in Akron, Ohio, it is very likely that you have a low-slope roofing system for your building. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to run a safe and profitable business; this involves having your roof regularly inspected, repaired, or even having a new roof installed (if the old one is a hazard to your employees). This is where the experts at First Class Roofing can help your cause. We provide affordable and efficient roofing systems that can help all local businesses thrive in the current market! Our low-slope roofing systems are renowned for their longevity and affordability in Akron and surrounding areas. If you want to find out more about this service, you should explore the benefits given below. Furthermore, you can call us at 419-564-6547 and book an appointment with our expert roofers today!

What is a Low Slope Roofing System?

A low slope roofing system is commonly known as a flat roof system as well. The term low-slope is preferred to flat roofs in the roofing industry because it automatically tells you that the roof is not sloped. You cannot apply sloped roofing systems, like the shingles, onto low slope roofs! In fact, there is a completely different range of roofing systems that are suitable for low-slope roofs.

The most common roofing systems for low slopes are single-ply membrane systems. They are also our most popular picks amongst the other low-slope systems. These water repellent sheets come in varieties of width, and our experts can pick the variety most suitable for your roof. There are also different types of membranes available in the market. We have Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membranes, PVC (polyvinyl) membranes, and also ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) membranes. Many of them even come with a reflective coating that helps reduce cooling costs in the summer!

Another option is of a metal roofing system. This is also pretty efficient for low-slope roof types because of the longevity and durability of metal roofs. A standing seam roofing system allows for expansion and contraction of the metal roof during warmer months.

Why Choose First Class Roofing?

Apart from the affordable services and the highly professional team of experts, you also get a bunch of other benefits. We offer an eighteen-year warranty on some of our services and labor practices! You can save on future repairs by hiring us as your primary roofing contractor.

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We are also Energy Star certified master contractors that have worked with plenty of well-known companies across the state. This means that our systems are known to be efficient and can save a lot of energy costs once we install them.

Our team is very thorough with each job, so you know we will not compromise on the quality of our service!

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You can find out more about our services when you call First Class Roofing at 419-564-6547. Our experts can tell you everything they know about low-slope roofs and how you can have different systems installed on top of your low roof. We cater to Akron, Ohio, and most of its surrounding areas.