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The main issue with metal roofs is usually rust. Commercial metal roofs have several advantages, the most notable of which are their affordability and ease of installation, but metal will always rust. Consider First Class Roofing’s metal roof coating technique if you need to fix a rusted metal roof. Metal roof coatings shield your building’s existing roof from leaks and rust, extending its lifespan and significantly improving energy efficiency. It’s possible that your commercial metal roof can be restored and preserved rather than needing to be replaced.

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The First Class Roofing Procedure and Conklin Guarantee

Every screw, seam, and sheet will be examined for corrosion or leakage. After completing any necessary restoration work and our in-depth roof assessment, we will install a new surface on your roof.

Instead of repairing or removing panels, coating or recoating them saves on labor costs and the pricey disposal of the old roof. Our effective method includes treating any existing rust, applying a primer that prevents rust, strengthening fasteners and seams where leaks are most likely to occur, and sealing the entire roof with an ENERGY STAR-rated, durable white top coat. Commercial roofs all around Ohio have benefited from applying our metal roof coating solutions. We provide warranties on 100% of labor charges since we are committed to delivering top-notch artistry and high-quality products.

Benefits of Metal Roof Restoration

The benefits of restoring your business metal roof are numerous. All too frequently, building owners choose the entire roof tear-off and replacement option. Before deciding to replace your roof, take into account these differences:

Restoration work on a metal roof can be done while your company is open for business. A new roof would require closing down operations. A restored roof saves you money on disposal and landfill fees. On the other hand in a roof replacement, more expensive materials are used.

First Class Roofing will coat or recoat panels rather than replace them, saving you labor costs and the pricey disposal of your old roof. Our dependable metal roof solutions offer decades of protection and come with non-prorated warranties.

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First Class Roofing only uses Conklin Roofing Systems for its professional metal roofing services in Ohio, guaranteeing you will only get the best materials and labor for your metal roof. We guarantee both our work and the quality of our goods. With more than 15 years of experience, we are confident we can meet your needs for a commercial metal roof. Call us at 888-699-9321 right away to learn more about how metal roof coatings might benefit you or to arrange a free on-site assessment if you live in Elyria, Ohio.