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When applied at the right time by an experienced group of roofing specialists, a roof coating is an investment that pays off. First Class Roofing employs a team of roofers who have loads of experience restoring different kinds of commercial roofing systems. You can get a free estimate on a roof coating today by calling us at (888) 699-9321.

A Durable Roof Coating

roof-coating-hilliard-ohio 1Anytime that a roofing system is stripped off when it is still in decent condition, money is wasted. Roofs are expensive, which is why you should always make an effort to maintain a roof’s condition. The longer your roof lasts, the fewer roof replacements you’ll need to worry about.

A roof coating is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your roof. First Class Roofing will apply this waterproof coating to cover the surface of your roof seamlessly. This leaves no place for water to penetrate. A roof that gets a roof coating can last an additional 10+ years. Another great thing about roof coatings is how lightweight they are. This makes it easy and risk-free to add new coatings in the future.

Lower Energy Costs

roof-coating-hilliard-oh 2A roof coating will save you money by preventing leaks. The roof coatings that we apply here at First Class Roofing make roofs more reflective. This means lower energy costs because your building will be using less energy on A/C. These savings start to add up.

Other Services

Sometimes a roof coating is not the best option. It depends on the condition of your roof. The roofing experts at First Class Roofing can take a look at your roof and determine what needs to be done. 

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To get a new roof coating on a building in Hilliard, OH, all you have to do is call (888) 699-9321. First Class Roofing will be over there shortly to have a look at your roof. We offer no-cost roof inspections and can give you a free project estimate.