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roof-coating-lorain-ohAll around the world, scientists have noticed that the areas in and around cities are becoming considerably hotter than the encompassing rural regions. This temperature difference is substantial, sometimes being as much as 5-10 degrees warmer in the cites. Some business owners are taking the initiative and doing their part to help combat this warming effect by choosing a roof coating in Lorain, OH. Call First Class Roofing now to learn more about the difference roof coating can make at (888) 699-9321.

Urban Heat Islands

The First Class Roofing Difference

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This warming phenomenon isn’t insignificant, and the ripple effect it is causing is widespread. Areas with man-made structures, such as buildings and highways, absorb the heat from the sun much easier than areas with a lot of soil and vegetation. Once the air and surface temperatures are affected, “urban heat islands” are being formed. These urban heat islands can have a drastic effect on the area, even changing weather patterns, increasing smog, and causing soaring cooling costs.

Combating the Heat

roof-coating-lorain-ohioOne way that many business owners are choosing to combat this warming effect is by choosing roof coating in Lorain, OH. Roof coating creates a highly-reflective, white surface that can reflect up to 83% of the sun’s rays. It also lowers the surface temperature of your roof by as much as 50 degrees. When this heat is not absorbed, the overall temperature of the entire region is lowered.

Saving You Money

Roof coating can lower your cooling costs by up to 30% and save you money on your energy bills. Because your HVAC isn’t working so hard, it will last longer and the need for fewer repairs will also save your money and increase your ROI. 

Benefits of Roof Coating

This “cool roofing option” is environmentally-friendly, lowering your carbon footprint. Your roof coating will also be seamless and waterproof, eliminating leaks and the need for repairs. A roof coating can extend the life of your roof by 10-15 more years by slowing the aging process done by sun damage. Your roof coating comes with a non-prorated warranty that covers up to 18 years on labor and materials.

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First Class Roofing has a solid commitment to quality and uses premium Conklin Roof Coatings for superior protection, endurance, and reliability. We hold one of Conklin’s highest honors of Master Contractor status which means that we have delivered unsurpassed excellence in roofing for many years. We’re proud to do our part to combat city warming, lower energy costs, and protect the environment. So join the growing number of businesses that are making a difference while saving money at the same time by calling First Class Roofing today (888) 699-9321.