Roof Inspection Cincinnati, Ohio

roof-inspection-cincinnati-ohWhen you have a new commercial roof installed on your facility, there are a few things you expect out of it. You expect it to be of quality, long-lasting and worry free. The best way to ensure your roof performs as it should is by taking a proactive approach and scheduling regular roof inspection. No matter what roofing substrate is installed, our all-points roof inspection plans will take a detailed look at every part of your roofing system.

When you’re ready for our team to help you get the longest, trouble free life out of your roofing system, call our office at 888-699-9321. We proudly serve Cincinnati, Ohio and the surrounding communities.

Spend a Little Now – Save a Lot Later

roof-inspection-cincinnati-ohioYour roofs key to success lies in properly having routine roof inspections and maintenance provided. When you work with First Class Roofing, we will help you protect your roofing investment by putting your roof on our inspection program.   As a full service commercial roofing contractor, we are able to not only provide inspections, but we can also provide repairs, coatings, and even replacements if necessary.

We are here to provide quality solutions for business owners throughout Cincinnati. Let us put our 15 years experience to work for you. We will get to the roof of your roofing troubles and repair them the correct way.

Roof Inspection Checklist

It is suggested that your commercial roof should be inspected twice per year, during the spring and fall – even if you haven’t noticed any problems. You should also have your roof inspected any time damaging weather blows through town. When you work with our team, a few things our technicians will address include:

• Check for areas that are cracked, blistered, torn, or penetrated
• Check for ponding water
• Assess your drainage system
• Ensure that flashings have been installed correctly and are damage free
• Make your roof was installed correctly and seams are leak-free
• Check for signs of trapped debris or growing vegetation

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When your Cincinnati, OH commercial roof is in First Class Roofing’s hands, you can rest assured that it is receiving the best care possible. To learn more about our roof inspection services, please call our office at 888-699-9321.