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Just like any important piece of equipment you hope to keep running for as long as possible, your commercial roof system should be periodically inspected and serviced. Studies show that roofs that are regularly maintained by a professional typically last many years longer than those that are neglected, and many warranties require regular servicing.

First Class Roofing is Middletown, Ohio’s premier commercial roofing contractor, specializing in the entire range of roofing services, including comprehensive roof inspections. Industry standards recommend having your roof inspected at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall. Inspections are also a good idea after any major weather event. Call us today to schedule yours! (888) 699-9321

Major Causes Of Roof Problems

The goal of any inspection and maintenance program is to identify problem areas and address them before they become major issues. In our nearly 20 years of service, we’ve come to recognize many of the most common issues that afflict commercial roofs:

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years of relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties
  • Shoddy workmanship during installation and subsequent repairs
  • Poor roof system design or choice of roof
  • Excessive and careless foot traffic
  • Low-quality materials
  • Major weather events
  • Mechanical damage
  • Trapped moisture
  • Lack of maintenance/neglect

These and other issues can cause high utility bills and premature roof failure, among other problems. With First Class Roofing on your side, we can work together to systematically approach and solve all your roofing woes.

Benefits Of Roof Inspections

At First Class Roofing, we like to compare your roof’s bi-annual checkup to your annual doctor visit – it’s a good way to catch problems early on and prevent them from becoming more serious. We like to take a proactive approach to our clients’ roofs, and the benefits of regular roof inspections speak for themselves:

  • Saves money – Smaller repairs are less costly.
  • Adds years to the life of your roof.
  • Gives you peace of mind.
  • Creates records for insurance purposes – more likely to get the claim payment you deserve.

Complete Roof Inspections With First Class Roofing 

While your roof may look fine to the untrained eye, a careful inspection by a professional may reveal less obvious damages. At First Class Roofing, we go above and beyond the basic roof inspection, many contractors offer to give our customers a truly comprehensive roof assessment. The list below lists just a few of the things a First Class Roofing technician looks for during an inspection:

1) Exterior

  • Damaged roofing membrane
  • Exposed fasteners
  • Missing caulk
  • Damaged flashing
  • Dry rot
  • Damaged boots
  • Gutters/drainage system
  • Leaks/moisture
  • Low spots/valleys/standing water
  • Discoloration
  • Vegetation
  • Rusting metal
  • Debris
  • Cracks, blistering, “alligatoring”
  • And more!

2) Interior (where applicable)

  • Signs of water infiltration/discoloration
  • Attic ventilation
  • Cracks
  • Sagging decking/deformation in the wall surface
  • Rust
  • Light penetration
  • Leaks
  • Exhaust fans and ductwork
  • Mold
  • And more!

FREE Commercial Roof Inspection

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

It is our pleasure to provide FREE commercial roofing inspections throughout the state of Ohio. This complimentary service gives you a general analysis of your roof’s condition, along with custom recommendations based on our observations.

We will never try to sell you something you don’t need, and our inspections are no-hassle, no pressure, and no obligation. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 or fill out our online contact form to get started!