Roof Inspection Orrville, OH

Well Begun is Half Done


Most building owners operate on the ‘if it’s not broken, why fix it’ approach for their commercial roofs. When it does break you get the ‘when it rains, it pours’ kind of a situation wherein you have to spend thousands of dollars for major repairs or even replacements. Regular inspections followed by customized maintenance plans cost a small fraction of major repairs and replacements. They ensure you don’t have to continuously worry about your roof.

Call First Class Roofing today at (888) 699-9321 for a free roofing inspection in Orrville, OH. Roof inspection is our core specialty because we understand that roof inspection is the first, all-important step in maintaining the health and financial viability of your commercial roof in the long term. With our 15+ years experience, professional workmanship, and commitment to top-class service, there is no roofing issue that is too big or too small for us. First Class Roofing is also available for dealing with roofing emergencies at our emergency hotline 419-564-6547.

The Why, When, & How of Roof Inspections

Experts recommend roof inspections after seasons and events that are most likely to damage your roof. Inspect your roof:

• In Spring i.e. After Winter when freezing temperatures, snow, hail, and sleet have left their mark on your commercial roof
• In Fall i.e. After Summer because blistering temperatures, thunderstorms, and tornados can damage your roof
• After Major Weather Events such as hail, tornados, overflowing rains, snowstorms, and high winds that can introduce major defects in your roof

You can also call First Class Roofing at (888) 699-9321 if you feel your roof is not functioning as expected and we will materialize for you all the benefits of roof inspection, namely:


• Peace of mind knowing you roof is being cared for by experts
• Updates on the current state of your roof
• Knowledge on what proactive repairs to undertake, something that prevents small defects from escalating into major headaches and expenses
• Help with possible insurance claims
• Necessary data in the correct format for maintaining warranty and for keeping in terms with the warrantee program
• Maximum return on investment (ROI) on the roof in the long run

First Class Roofing conducts free inspections employing the following, proven procedure:

• Check the present condition of the roof and all its parts
• Evaluate the water drainage system
• Inspect for any signs of slippage or movement in the roofing system
• Examine every ridge, cap, and drip edge
• Review particular features such as metal roof flashings

First Class Roofing: Truly First Class

Our aim behind inspections are to fix what is broken and help minimize what can break. First Class Roofing conducts free inspections for roofs made of:

On-Site Estimates(888) 699-9321

• Metal
• Gravel
• Modified Bitumen
• Cement
• Foam
• Asphalt

Call us today at (888) 699-9321 for maximum ROI on your roof and minimum roofing stress!