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A roof coating can increase the lifespan and functionality of a roof. Rubber roof coatings provide an additional layer of security for your existing roofing system. This closes the area and stops leaks while consuming less energy.

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What Are The Coatings For Rubber Roofs?

Suppose you’re like the majority of US homeowners. In that case, you may believe that rubber roof coatings are only appropriate for flat-roofed buildings or structures with cement underlayment that needs to be protected from standing water. These coatings are effective for residential and commercial uses. However, they undoubtedly play a significant part in commercial roofing projects.

Rubber roof coatings are exactly what they sound like. They are applied to your home’s roof using a bucket of liquid rubber that is typically combined with a catalyst to speed up the curing process. You may need one coat, three coats, or more, depending on your specific product. One coat of liquid rubber can be applied, saving you time and money.

Do Rubber Roof Coatings Actually Block Water?

Rubber roof coatings are waterproof. However, the process takes time, depending on the product. Unlike other roofing materials on the market, liquid rubber roofing is waterproof as soon as it is applied. Liquid Rubber is an EPDM that has been liquidized; this is the same Rubber that seals water inside your refrigerator in the form of gaskets and is used under the hood of your car in the form of radiator hoses. When applied, it instantly becomes 100% waterproof and performs well. Water-based systems are incapable of doing so.

What Sorts of Roofs are Suitable for Rubber Coatings?

Rubber roof coatings can be advantageous for almost any kind of residential roof. However, you might need to apply a coat of primer before applying the rubber roofing, depending on the type of roofing material that yours is made of. Primers are required for typical asphalt shingle roofs but not for metal roofs, except for sandblasted stainless steel. To prevent fractures in the primer before applying the liquid rubber, ensure that any rips, cuts, or tears are repaired.

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