Rubber Roof Repair – Mansfield, OH

A rubber roof, also known as EPDM, is a solid investment in an area with weather fluctuations as extreme as we have here in Ohio. The flexibility of rubber roofing allows it to expand and contract as your roof does. This flexibility reduces the risk of developing cracks and other defects.

However, no roof is infallible. Should your rubber roof begin to leak or develop other deficiencies, you should know you can count on the experts at First Class Roofing for a quality rubber roof repair at a competitive price. Call us today at (888) 699-9321 to schedule your consultation.

Why Use a Professional?

Effective, long-lasting rubber roof repairs require suitable materials and meticulous area preparation.

Rubber roofing is made of synthetic rubber materials that are not compatible with all repair products you might find in your local big-box store. Many of those materials can contaminate the rubber membrane, which would lead to a much more extensive (and costly) repair.

Knowing how to properly prepare the area, as well as the suitable materials and methods involved in a practical repair, is the domain of a professional roofing contractor. First Class Roofing is here to meet that need for you.

Extensive Damage?

A repair may not always be the best option. When extensive damage has occurred to your rubber roof, you may find it more economically feasible to go with a restoration instead.

A restoration of your rubber roof would entail recoating the area. Though generally a more extensive project than a simple repair, a restoration reinvigorates your existing rubber roof, extending the lifespan by up to an additional 20 years or more.

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Whether your rubber roof in Mansfield, OH, is repairable or requires a more extensive revamp, you can count on the artisans of First Class Roofing. As a local professional commercial roofing contractor, our privilege is to offer only the finest materials available to ensure quality rubber roof repairs.

To schedule your consultation, please reach out to our friendly team today at (888) 699-9321. We look forward to meeting with you soon.