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If you are looking for a high-rated commercial roofing company to install or repair your single-ply roofing system, the team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, is ready to help. We have worked with many kinds of single-ply roofs over the years. We are dedicated to bringing you services of the highest quality. To request your no-cost estimate for your project, call us today at 888-699-9321!

Single-Ply Roofing

Single-Ply Roofing Wooster OH

Single-ply roofs are very common on commercial buildings, due to their low weight and ease of maintenance. This makes single-ply roofing a very cost-effective choice for building owners. These roofs frequently last for several decades with proper maintenance and regular inspections.

There are various types of single-ply roofing, such as EPDM, PVC, and TPO. With several different materials to choose from, you can select the one that best suits your building. In addition, this roofing type can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your building, which could lead to a reduction in your utility bills.

Single-Ply Restoration

Single-Ply Roofing Wooster OH1

One of the reasons that single-ply roofing systems last so long is that they are incredibly easy to restore. Our team can apply a seamless coating to your single-ply roof which will improve its condition and help prevent leaks from developing in the future. A coating will reduce maintenance costs by saving you money on repairs and helping you avoid the damage that leaks can cause. A coating will also make your single-ply roof even more energy-efficient, due to the coating’s reflective nature. Clearly, a restoration is a smart investment that will help you save money and time in the future.

Other Services

In addition to coatings and replacements, we also provide general repairs. We can create a customizable maintenance program that we highly recommend for all our clients. We always include inspections in these programs. This ensures your roof receives the care it needs throughout the year, allowing you to make the necessary repairs in a timely manner.

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The honest and talented team at First Class Roofing in Wooster, OH, has many years of experience working with single-ply roofs. If you want the job done right, you should count on us! We have the skills and experience you are looking for. Call us today at 888-699-9321. Our team will ensure your roof remains in optimal condition for years to come.