Single-Ply Roofing – Youngstown, OH

single-ply-roofing-youngstown-ohSingle-ply roofing is a time-tested solution for those looking for a cost-effective way to reinforce their industrial or commercial roof. First Class Roofing has been serving residents of Youngstown, OH, and the surrounding communities for 15+ years. As a full-service commercial roofing contractor, First Class has unparalleled experience installing, inspecting, repairing, and restoring single-ply roofing systems.

Single-ply roofing offers a durable, elastic solution for those facilities that may need an updated roof, but want to avoid a complete roof tear-off and replacement.

What Is Single-Ply Roofing?

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties

In a single-ply roofing system, rolls of synthetic rubber are installed on top of your existing roof, and heated and cooled to create a seal and form a long-lasting barrier against weather and other environmental factors. There are two main categories of single-ply membrane:

• Thermoplastic – continuously soften with the application of heat and harden when cooled
• Thermoset – irreversibly harden and solidify with heating

At First Class Roofing, we install thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems. We do this because temperatures will inevitable fluctuate. Thermoplastic membranes get stronger as they respond to the changes in weather and adapt to become more efficient.

First Class Single-Ply Roofing

We offer two different thermoplastic single-ply roofing systems at First Class Roofing:


1) Flexion

• Made by Conklin, a roofing formula manufacturer with more than 40 years of trusted, nationwide experience
• Tough but flexible PVC formula
• Heat-welded seams
• Reflects up to 85% of the sun’s rays, lowering energy costs
• Available in 50mil or 60mil
• Low maintenance
• Waterproof

2) Hy-Crown

• Also made by Conklin
• Manufactured with hypalon, a synthetic rubber with a track record of 35 years
• Resistant to shrinkage and doesn’t become brittle over time
• Heat- or solvent-welded seams that are as much as 6 times stronger than rubber roof seams
• White reflective surface
• Resistant to chemicals, oils, moisture, UV rays, fire, wind

First Class Installation

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If your existing commercial roof is in need of reinforcement, call First Class Roofing – your single-ply roofing experts – today at 888-699-9321 to learn more about your options.

Single-ply roofing is an excellent option for inexpensive roof reinforcement. Put an end to pesky leaks. Say hello to increased energy efficiency with a fast, easy installation of your new single-ply roof system. A single-ply roofing system can be installed at any time of the year, regardless of climate. Call us today for your free estimate.