Flat Roof Replacement

Flat-roof-replacement-ohioFlat-roof-replacement-services-ohioFlat roofs are a leading choice of topside protection for industrial and commercial properties. They are economical, and they take up less building volume than other roof systems. But they have their problems with which they can take issue.

Roof leaks are one of those issues – whether by ponding water or unwelcome water infiltration into a roof structure. They can seep into the building and cause damage to inventory, technical equipment, or other valuable assets or interior contents. When a flat roof starts having problems with leaks, it’s best to ward off the trouble before it turns into bigger issues.

When your flat roof has leaks, is weathered, or has other issues, you can depend on First Class Roofing for professional service. With 25+ years of construction expertise, our president and operator William Keim and his team members will give your needs prompt, efficient treatment. And between our expertise and industry-leading Conklin® products, your building will be kept leak-free, energy-efficient, and strong-performing in the years to come.

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Flat Roof Replacement Services – Ohio

conklinWhen it comes to flat roof replacement services, it depends on two primary factors: the skill set of your commercial flat roofing contractor and the products which they use. Because of our emphasis on First Class Service in all facets of our roofing services, we use Conklin® roofing products.

Conklin® roofing products have a great track record. Here are a few reasons why:

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  • Installed on 2+ billion square feet nationwide
  • Trusted by building owners, property managers, contractors, architects, and other professionals
  • Backed by non-prorated warranties on 100% of labor and material costs
  • Conklin® created the first liquid elastomeric roof coating for the commercial roofing industry
  • Exceptional performance record by Conklin® products in all climate conditions

These are just a few reasons why Conklin® roofing products bring so much to the table – and how they can protect your building asset.

Flat Roof Replacement Contractors in Ohio

You can save up to 50% on project costs with a roof coating instead of roof replacement!

On top of great roofing products, First Class Roofing offers exemplary service. We stand out from all of our Ohio commercial roofing company competitors with our credentials. After all, a commercial roof and its lifespan depends just as much on the contractor’s abilities as much as the products used.

  • We are factory-trained by Conklin®, which offers one of the most complete, instructive, and hands-on roofing training programs in the industry
  • We are an official member of Choice Roof Contractor Group – a nationwide network of commercial roofing professionals specializing in energy-efficient roof systems
  • Choice Roof Contractors stand out for their higher standards for excellence, service, and workmanship
  • We have a proud legacy of 25+ years of quality construction expertise in our valued local communities

As an Choice Roof Contractor Group member, we offer a lifetime service guarantee on our roofing work. In other words, you can depend on roofing professionals being available for the lifetime of your commercial roof!

Commercial Flat Roof Replacement in Ohio

Conklin-roofing-contractor-ohioCommercial-flat-roof-replacement-ohioAside from high-performance roof coatings, we also offer a durable, leading-edge roof replacement solution in our single-ply roofing product, Flexion®. Here are a few brief benefits of this great product:

  • Formulated with top-grade PVC membrane product
  • PVC material has been reinforced with DuPont Elvaloy and 1,000 denier, low-wicking fabric
  • Exceptional water-tight, edge-to-edge, weather-resistant protection
  • Designed to expand and contract with temperature changes with ease
  • Exceptional, edge-to-edge, water-tight protection seal
  • FM and UL Class A fire resistance
  • FM I-90 wind resistance (stands up to hurricane-force winds)
  • Great flexibility and durability
  • 83% reflectivity for up to 25% A/C cost savings per year

This flat roof replacement solution is ideal for Ohio climate demands and can be backed with a 20-year, full-coverage non-prorated warranty! Contact us today for a flat roof replacement estimate!