All About Low Slope Roofing

Low Slope Roofing1Low-slope roofing, also known as a “flat roof”, is a common design in commercial and industrial buildings in Ohio and the rest of the Midwest. An excellent design, it allows for additional space to accommodate extra A/C units, vents, and other needs these specialized buildings may have. However, low slope roofing has specific issues that must be managed professionally to maximize your return on investment, keeping your commercial building in prime condition. If your building is in the Norwalk, OH region, you can trust the professionals at First Class Roofing for all your low slope roofing services. Call our friendly team today at 888-699-9321 to schedule a consultation and discuss your concerns.

Low Slope Concerns

A low slope roof is defined as having less than a 3:12 drop, which means the roof drops less than 3” for every 12” of horizontal roofing. This lack of significant slope causes an issue if water drainage is not adequately addressed in the design or if the gutters and drains are clogged, impeded, or otherwise not working properly.

If the water fails to drain properly, it accumulates in low spots on the roof and “ponds”. This ponding water will lead to a degradation of the roofing system over time.

Additionally, water always seeks the path of least resistance. The forces of gravity will pull moisture through any minute imperfection in your system. A small, nearly invisible deficiency can lead to the development of a large, potentially destructive leak, if not caught and addressed properly.

Unchecked moisture in your building will lead to dangers like fall risks, electric shorts and fires, mold/mildew development, and it can even impact the structural integrity of the building itself.

Low Slope Roofing SolutionsLow Slope Roofing2

There are cost-effective ways to address many of these low slope concerns. Ensuring that gutters and drainage drains are kept clean and free of debris is an obvious and easy step to take.

Should your existing system already be damaged, it may be a candidate for a roof restoration.

A restoration can take the form of either a single-ply membrane or a coating application. In both situations, a protective layer is laid over the entire existing roofing system. The new, waterproof coat adds an extra layer of protection, sealing your damaged system against leaks developing.

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A restoration service can add a decade or more of additional life to your low slope roof, while improving both waterproofing and energy efficiency by reflecting solar heat away from your commercial roof.

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