Flat Roof Repair – Parma, Ohio

flat-roof-repair-parma-oh-Ohio-1Flat roofs are considered a reliable roofing solution for both commercial and industrial applications. It is because materials used for the installation run about 0.80 a foot which makes a flat roof less expensive to install. Another reason a commercial building puts up a flat roof is that it is easy to mount solar panels, air conditioning units and set up a rooftop garden. Despite the advantages flat roofs provide to users, they require more routine maintenance and inspection than conventional roofs. They also can’t hold up ice and snow buildup and are more prone to leakages. Most people hardly know when a flat roof needs to be replaced or just needs few minor repairs. First Class Roofing experts highlight the most common problems with flat roofs and when you need to call them at (888) 699-9321 for long-lasting flat roof repair.

Issues Leading to Flat Roof Repair Services

Standing Water

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A flat roof collects pools of water when it is rainy or snowy as it is difficult to install a drainage system. Standing water causes the roof’s membrane to deteriorate fast if it is not drained within 48 hours. With regular inspections, we can ensure that your flat roof does not have water ponding on it. We will also take the time to check all of your drainage systems to make sure they are performing as they should.

Weakened Membrane

flat-roof-repair-parma-oh-Ohio-2Flat roofs are sealed using an asphalt membrane, heat welds, or other alternative methods. They are designed to protect the roof from water damage and the newer roofing solutions try to block the harmful UV rays. However, as the building shifts and settles on the foundation, the membrane begins to weaken making the roof wear out fast. Routine inspection allows our roofing experts to identify a buckled membrane quickly and make the necessary repairs.

Roof Leaks

Flat roofs are more prone to leaks than conventionally sloped roofs. It is because they are parallel to the ground and will naturally collect rainwater. Business people should schedule bi-annual inspections for their commercial buildings to keep the roofs from developing leaks. This also helps keep your warranty intact. First Class Commercial experts identify weak areas in your flat roof and repair them before they develop into leaks.


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Roofs expand and contract as the weather and temperature changes. The constant changes cause the flashing to pull away from the corners of the roof which develops leaks and moisture. Regular inspection help repair the problem early on.

If you are looking for flat roof repair service in Parma, Ohio, you have come to the right place. First Class Roofing contractors not only repair your roof but also provide routine inspection to ensure your flat roof lasts long. For inquiries and more insight about flat roof repair contact us via the telephone number (888) 699-9321.