Long-Lasting Rubber Roof Repair – Lorain, OH

rubber-roof-repair-lorain-oh-Ohio-1If your rubber roof is in need of repairs, you may have questioned whether the expense of repairs is worth it. The answer is yes! Your rubber roof is definitely worth saving. Rubber roofs are one of the most durable and long-lasting commercial flat roofs available and repairing your rubber roof can be one of the wisest investments in your business that you can make. To schedule your rubber roof repair in Lorain OH, call First Class Roofing today at (888) 699-9321.

Rubber roofing is a single-ply roofing system that is one of the most popular commercial roofing choices. Rubber roofs typically have a lifespan of 22-35 years but can last more than forty years with proper maintenance. They are one of the most common types of flat roofs installed mainly because they are one of the most affordable. Rubber roofs are one of the greenest roofs and are 100% recyclable at the end of their life. You can expect many benefits from your rubber roof including:

The First Class Roofing Difference

  • 15+ years relevant expertise
  • Solid company reputation
  • Professional treatment
  • Quality workmanship
  • Non-prorated warranties

● Fire-Resistant
● UV Resistant
● Chemical Resistant
● Withstands Strong Winds
● Energy-Efficient
● Low-Maintenance
● Flexible
● Few Repairs Needed

Repairs Are Quick and Easy

rubber-roof-repair-lorain-ohio-OH-2Repairing your rubber roof is a smart decision because repairs are so quick and easy. Rubber roof repairs are straightforward and won’t interrupt your business operation. Leaks are relatively easy to find and, once repaired, leaks are not a problem.


Another reason to consider rubber roof repair in Lorain, OH is that, once repaired, your rubber roof could go on to last you for years before needing to be replaced. Rubber roofing is widely trusted as a long-lasting roofing choice and is even used on the roof of the Kennedy Space Center.

Roof Coating Can Extend Lifespan By Years

At First Class Roofing, we offer premium Conklin Roof Coating which can extend the life of your rubber roof by 10-15 years. Roof coating also:

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● Protects your roof against sun, wind, aging, and storms
● Strengthens building structure without adding extra weight
● Save tens of thousands by avoiding roof replacement
● Seamless, leak-resistant surface
● Save up to 30% on energy bills
● ENERGY STAR® certified
● Could lower roof surface temperatures by up to 80°

Having your rubber roof repaired or restored can be a smart business move and can save you thousands. As a member of the nationwide roofing network Choice Roof Contractor Group, First Class Roofing offers a lifetime service guarantee and a reputation for honesty, integrity, and excellence. Give us a call today to schedule your rubber roof repair at (888) 699-9321.