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When one thinks of metal, rust is always something that subconsciously comes to their mind. If you have a metal roof, it is bound to rust with time. Although completely immunizing a metal roof to rust is almost impossible, taking regular preventive measures to protect it can help. One of these preventative measures is opting for metal roof coating services. First Class Roofing is your one-stop solution to all your roofing needs, including a metal roof coating. We provide only the best and the most premium quality materials, making sure that the job lasts a long time. Our experienced and skilled technicians are also the best labor available in the Delaware, Ohio region. If you are interested in protecting your metal roof through roof coatings, call us at (888) 699-9321 today!

An Energy-Efficient Solution

Compared to a more traditional asphalt layered roof, a metal roof is more energy efficient. Metal roofs reflect the sun rays and absorb less in comparison to the other competitor. However, the coating ascertains the level of efficiency and the quality of performance of such roofs. A good quality coat, applied with a skilled finish, can better reflect the sun than one that is poorly finished. 

At First Class Roofing, we use a white-top coat that reflects almost 85 percent of the sun. This high heat reflection index makes sure that the surface temperatures are lower and that your rooms are cooler. This translates into lower utility bills as the air conditioning units are utilized less, giving owners up to 50 percent savings. 

Moreover, we also employ an anti-rust primer which eliminates the possibility of rusting in the future. This eliminates any maintenance expenses that the owner was spending on rusting issues in the past. 

Why Choose Us?

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We only employ the best technicians at First Class Roofing trained to provide the best metal roof coating solutions to our clients. Our workers make sure to examine your roofs, taking every detail from a protruding screw to a tear. After examining, we provide the most economically and physically feasible solutions for our clients. 

We believe in being sincere and dedicated to our clients and providing an economical alternative if possible. These values have allowed us to continue operating in the construction business for over 15 years with a strong position Ohio region. 

We focus on building strong roofs and strong customer relations. 

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If you are interested in acquiring First Class Roofing metal roof coating services in the Delaware, Ohio region, call us at (888) 699-9321. You can also write to us at to get any questions answered.