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rubber-roof-repair-hilliard-ohFirst Class Roofing is committed to providing clients in Hilliard, OH with the best commercial roofing services out there. Many commercial buildings are protected with a flat roof. A rubber roof is one of the most common kinds of low slope roof systems. For a rubber roof repair or any other sort of commercial roofing service, call our team today at (888) 699-9321.

About Our Owner

Company owner William Keim has spent the past 15+ years building a great reputation for First Class Roofing by providing premium construction services. He makes sure that each project runs smoothly and that our clients receive the very best customer support. Mr. Keim is also a certified applier of Conklin roofing products which cover over 2 billion square feet of roofs nationwide.

Free Roof Inspections

rubber-roof-repair-hilliard-ohioWhen you notice that water is leaking from your roof, it’s time to schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible. After you call, the First Class Roofing team will be over quickly to figure out exactly what is causing your roof to leak. On a rubber roof, we check for seam separation, holes in the membrane, and ponding water.

About Rubber Roofs

A rubber roof is a great choice for a commercial building because of its cost-effectiveness. A rubber roof is durable and can handle the fluctuating temperatures and weather that come with the four seasons in Ohio. Your commercial building will stay leak-free for a lot longer with First Class Roofing repairing and maintaining your rubber roof.

When we inspect your rubber roof, we’ll take a thorough overview of its condition and determine the most effective way to fix it up and prevent issues from coming back. This may be a rubber roof repair, or we may possibly recommend restoring your rubber roof. If your rubber roof is in quite bad condition, we’ll give you a free estimate on a new roof.

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The right commercial roofing contractor will provide an effective rubber roof repair in a timely manner. First Class Roofing is prepared to help more commercial clients in Hilliard, OH. Schedule a roof inspection from our qualified team today by reaching out to us at (888) 699-9321.