Flat Roof Coating – Elyria, OH

Have you had a leaking or deteriorating roof? There is a common misconception that the only solution for an old roof that keeps breaking is to continuously patch holes until you have to replace the entire thing. Said, this is false. A life-extending roof coating solution can greatly benefit commercial flat roofs, saving you money by avoiding replacing your roof entirely. A roof coating system can frequently be used to increase the lifespan of an existing roofing system by more than 18 years. Our commercial flat roof coating systems are the most cost-effective and durable options for your problematic roof. So if you are based in Elyria, Ohio, contact First Class Roofing at (888) 699-9321 for flat roof coating.

High-Performance Options for Every Type of Flat Roof

By stopping further deterioration and waterproofing your entire roof surface area with an affordable and extremely energy-efficient roof coating system, First Class Roofing can help you save money. Our staff of fully qualified roofing specialists has experience with a wide range of commercial flat roofs, from multimillion-dollar corporations to small mom-and-pop shops. Owner William Keim is a fully licensed installer of Conklin® roofing products with over 15 years of building expertise.

Any commercial flat roof can have top-notch roof coatings applied to it by the First Class Roofing crew, including:

  • Tar-heated roofing
  • Bitumen-modified roofing
  • Rubber EPDM roofing
  • Roof made of TPO (thermoplastic materials)
  • BUR (Built-up roofing)
  • Value of Conklin® Flat Roof Coatings

You can be confident that your commercial flat roof will have the best craft and top-notch materials since we only utilize premium Conklin® coating products. Over the past 35 years, building owners all over the country have installed more than 2 billion square feet of Conklin® roofing products on their roofs for various reasons.

Restore Your Roof Instead of Replacing It!

Our flat roof coating services are the ideal answer for restoring a roof. Most of the time, building owners replace their commercial roofs too soon. A roof repair with Conklin flat roof coating materials is a superior method to breathe new life into your structure. This is why:

The price of a flat roof coating can be half that of a complete roof replacement. Your flat roof will perform like new after restoration, resulting in lower annual maintenance expenses. If necessary, this flat roof can easily be repaired or recoated.

Last but not least, if you choose Conklin and First Class Roofing, you can relax knowing that an optional 18-year, non-prorated warranty covers 100% of the labor and materials.


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If you live in Elyria, Ohio, First Class Roofing has got you covered. Call us at 888-699-9321, and we will take care of your flat roof coating