Metal Roof Coating Akron OH

Metal roofs are a popular choice for commercial business owners in Akron, Ohio. This choice is backed by sound reasoning that metal roofs are easier to install and save a lot of money throughout their lifespan. However, they can’t save you money if they cost you a lot on repairs! First Class Roofing brings an effective and long-term solution to protect the lifespan of your metal roof. We provide amazing metal roof coating services as innovative solutions to the problem of rust. A lot of businesses have already acquired our metal roof coating services and have even rated these services highly! You can get them too by booking an appointment with our team via this number: 419-564-6547.

Our Coating Procedures

The very first step to any of our services is to carry a roof inspection. This inspection will tell us whether there are any loose screws, uneven seams, leakages, and rust. After all the problems are detected, our responsibility is to give your roof a new surface on which the coatings will be applied. We also reinforce the screws/seams and treat the rust before carrying our coating procedure.

We use a couple of layers of coatings so that your roof gets the best level of protection it can. We use a rust-inhibiting primer below an energy-saving topcoat that seals the deal! The topcoat helps save the business money on cooling costs in warm weather.

We use the best coatings (anti-rust primer and monolithic sheet/elastic coating) provided by Conklin Roofing systems, the best manufacturer of roofing products in the states. We also use an Energy Star rated topcoat!

Our metal coatings are part of an entire metal roof restoration service.

Benefits of Metal Roof Coatings

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There are a lot of advantages to opting for this method of roof restoration. Metal roof coatings are easy to apply and can even be applied during work hours. You do not have to face any closures since it is a simple task. Your employees can continue their daily work lives as if nothing was happening. This method also helps in saving on landfill costs and disposal costs since nothing is being disposed of!

Lower application times, ease of application, and simplicity all translate to lower labor costs and a cheaper long-term solution for your business!

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If you are interested in our metal roof coating services, then call us on 419-564-6547 and book an inspection appointment today! First Class Roofing operates in all of Akron, Ohio!